The new Design Program at Defiance College gives students a holistic understanding of design before they choose either two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) design. Before choosing a track, all students will learn critical thinking and creating while developing an understanding of the interaction of materials, colors, function, and concept.


DSGN 110 2D Design 
DSGN 111 3D Design 
DSGN 112 Design Drawing 
DSGN 113 Form and Modeling 
DSGN 114 Intro to Computer Design 
DSGN 210 Special Topics in Art/Design 
DSGN 211 Sophomore Professional Prep
DSGN 410 Professional Practices in Design
DSGN 434 Exhibition Planning 
BUS    140 Intro to Business
COMM 240 Interactive Media 
DFS     215 Computer Forensics and Security Ethics 
ECON 201 Microeconomics 
HIST    205 The 20th Century World 
MATH 105 Quantitative Reasoning 
MKT    340 Principles of Marketing 
MKT    341 Advertising
PSY    110 Intro to Psychology 

Select one of the following tracks:

2D/ Graphic Design (28 hours)
DSGN 121 Photography
DSGN 224 Basic Computer Design 
DSGN 225 Intermediate Graphic Design 
DSGN 225 Intro to Web Design 
DSGN 225 Typography 
DSGN 325 Advanced Graphic Design 
DSGN 321 2D Digital Animation 
DSGN 323 Graphic Design Practicum 
DSGN 425 Advanced Web Design 

3D/ Product Design (37 hours)
DSGN 130 Introduction to 3D Modeling 
DSGN 230 History of Design 
DSGN 231 Intermediate 3D Modeling 
DSGN 232 Materials and Manufacturing 
DSGN 233 Advanced 3D Modeling
DSGN 330 Making Consumer Objects
DSGN 331 Developing Prototypes for Market
DSGN 430 Product Development Portfolio 
DSGN 431 Product Design Internship I 
DSGN 432 Product Design Internship I