Early Childhood Education Licensure

Education and Exercise Science

Major in Early Childhood Education

ED 201 Phonics
ED 202 Instructional Technology
ED 203 Becoming a Professional I
ED 204 Becoming a Professional : Praxis Study
ED 217 Principles of Math: ECE
ED 218 Social Studies Content: K-Grade 3
ED 221 Foundations of American Public Education
ED 228 Education of Exceptional Children
ED 229 Educational Psychology
ED 230 Principles of Early Childhood Education
ED 231 Curriculum and Practices of Early Childhood
ED 232 Early Childhood Practicum I
ED 233 Phonics and Emergent Literacy
ED 234 Early Childhood Practicum II
ED 235 Expressive Arts
ED 237 Children’s Literature
ED 238 HPE for Classroom Teacher
ED 305 Becoming a Professional III
ED 330 Reading and Math Field Experience
ED 332 Math Methods
ED 333 Science Methods
ED 334 Social Studies Methods
ED 335 Integrated Reading/Language Arts Methods: Early Childhood
ED 336 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation with Early Childhood Practicum
ED 338 Integrated Practicum
ED 430 Assessment of Young and Atypical Children
ED 432 Family and Community Relationships
ED 433 Internship in Early Childhood
ED 498 Internship Seminar
ES 234 Community First Aid and CPR
PY 225 Infancy and Childhood