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Integrated Language Arts

(grade 7 through grade 12)

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Fall down Alice’s rabbit hole into a wonderland where the adventures are grand, the people distinctive, and the language wondrous strange. Become an integrated language arts education major at Defiance College.

At Defiance College, integrated language arts students get excited about speech and creative writing, and they enjoy discussing the world of literature, film, and other aesthetic experiences. While English and Communication Studies professors work closely with students to develop their thinking, writing, and creative abilities in a context that is sensitive to current trends in the discipline as well as to the larger, media-driven world, education professors work to turn students into teachers who can pass along these skills.

The integrated language arts major is designed for students who wish to teach secondary language arts in public and private schools. Students who complete this 65-hour major will be licensed to teach English, speech, reading, and journalism in grades 7-12 and will hold an Ohio teacher's license for those four areas.

This program is unique in that the student graduates with a license in four concentration areas rather than one, and is thus more employable. While designed for students who wish to teach at the secondary level, other possible careers include journalism, editing, technical writing, public relations, textbook consulting, speech writing, professional development, or tutorial services.

But this is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. Now fall all the way down.



Integrated Language Arts is a major for those who:



The Faculty

Professors of this major write and think constantly about literature and actually enjoy revising their work. When they are not helping students understand nuances of literature and writing, they are engaging students in publishing, poetry readings, and dramatic performances.


Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education, Director of Hench Autism Studies Program
419-783-2355 |

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., Professor of Education
419-783-2315 | | Profile

Todd A. Comer, Ph.D., Professor of English, Director of Composition
419-783-2348 |

Fred Coulter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
419-783-2416 | | Profile

Rachel Eicher, Assistant Professor of Practice of Early Childhood Education
419-783-2373 |

MC Harper, Ph.D., Professor of English
419-783-2461 |

Christopher Medjesky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
419-783-2568 |

Jeffrey St. Onge, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
419-783-2456 |