Integrated Social Studies Education Program - Major - Defiance College - Defiance, Ohio

Integrated Social Studies

(grade 7 through grade 12)

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Want to teach students not only what happens but also why?

At Defiance College, integrated social studies majors are grounded in disciplines that value questions, investigations, and a desire to better understand the world and its people. They care about teaching students not only what happens but also why, whether in history as they dream into the past and investigate events the way others manipulate objects, in psychology as they study the human mind, or in the other disciplines.

Integrated social studies majors are prepared to teach history, political science, geography, psychology/sociology, and economics in grades 7-12.

Get ready to dig with students into the ever-present, ever-shifting past to uncover the future. Help them acquire an owner’s manual for the human mind, and an understanding of how the world works. Major in integrated social studies.



Integrated Social Studies is a major for those who:

  • Live, eat, sleep, and breathe History

  • Believe in changing the world through political action

  • Need to understand the causes of terrorism, religious strife, and civil unrest

  • Feel they could do a better job formulating foreign policy than. . .

  • Think they could write a better campaign speech than. . .

  • Desire sensible legislation to solve society's problems



The Faculty


Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education,
Director of Hench Autism Studies Program
419-783-2355 |

Donald H. Buerk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
419-783-2454 |

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., Professor of Education
419-783-2315 | | Profile

Fred Coulter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
419-783-2416 | | Profile

Jeremy Taylor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History
419-783-2305 |