Life Science

(grade 7 through grade 12)

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Ever looked at a dragonfly? Looked close enough to study the detail in the delicate wings, the shades and patterns of color?

Ever listened to coyotes? Listened in the dark of night as they howled across great distances, declaring the lengths of their lands?

Ever smelled soil? Smelled deep enough to love its richness and to wonder at the microorganisms at work within?

Ever studied albinism? Studied everything to be found on who has it and why, how it gets passed down, how the genetics of albinism work?

Ever loved science enough to want to teach it?

Defiance College's life science major in education provides a broad science foundation from zoology and ecology to chemistry and physics, while education courses emphasize both theoretical foundations and practical applications. The life science major in education provides students with the opportunity to sample the best of what the science and education departments have to offer.

Defiance College's education major in life science leads to licensure in grades 7-12, qualifying students to teach life science.

Ever needed a place to become a science teacher?



The Faculty


Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education,
Director of Hench Autism Program
419-783-2355 |

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., Professor of Education
419-783-2315 | | Profile

Fred Coulter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
419-783-2416 | | Profile

Nathan Griggs, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
419-783-2592 |

Douglas D. Kane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
419-783-2593 |

 Alyson Laframboise, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
419-783-2494 |