Middle Childhood Education Licensure

Education and Exercise Science

Major in Middle Childhood Education

Besides the two content specializations, all students
must take these Core Education Courses:
ED 201 Phonics
ED 202 Instructional Technology
ED 221 Foundations of American Public Education
ED 228 Education of Exceptional Children
ED 229 Educational Psychology
ED 243 Foundations and Survey of Reading and Phonics
ED 339 Middle Childhood Field Experience
ED 340 Principles & Practices of Middle Level Educ.
ED 345 Integrated Reading/Language Arts Methods: Middle School
ED 346 Reading Diagnosis and Remediation with Middle School Practicum
ED 348 Reading Diagnosis Practicum
ED 349 Advanced Methods Practicum
ED 448 Middle Childhood Internship
ED 498 Internship Seminar
ES 234 Community First Aid and CPR
PY 227 Adolescence and Adulthood

Choose two content specializations from those listed below:
(Courses marked with an * meets general education requirement)

Reading/Language Arts - 34 hours
ED 341 Adolescent Literature
CA 111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication*
CA 311 Critical Public Address
AH 110 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
EN 260 Language Structure
EN 270 Advanced Composition
EN 325 Post Colonial Literature
EN 345 American Literature

Mathematics - 31 hours
MA 106 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MA 115 Principles of Geometry
MA 201 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
MA 300 History of Mathematics
MA 301 Linear Algebra
MA 305 Discrete Mathematical Structures
MA 306 Probability and Statistics
ED 220 Principles of Middle Childhood Math
ED 342 Teaching Mathematics in Middle School

BI 120 Principles of Biology I
BI 129 Principles of Biology II
BI 320 Ecology
CH 123 General Chemistry I
PH 100 Physical Science
PH 202 Introduction to Geology
ED 343 Teaching Science in Middle School
*one biology and one physical science meet general education requirement.

Social Studies
AH 110 Writing the Self in Culture*
AH 220 Global Civilization*
HI 201 US History to 1877
HI 205 20th Century World History
HI 207 Ages of Empires
HI 345 Ohio Area
PY 110 Introduction to Psychology*
PY 227 Adolescence and Adulthood Psychology
SO 120 Life in Society*
GE 232 World Geography
EC 205 Macroeconomics
ED 344 Teaching Social Studies in Middle School