Katie Griffes

Katherine Griffes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Health,
Physical Education, and Exercise Science

Office: Dana Hall, Office 18
Phone: 419-783-2419
Email: kgriffes@defiance.edu

Katie Griffes is an Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science at Defiance College. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Olivet College in 2008, and her Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology at Michigan State University. 

Her research interests relate to leadership development in sport, and how those skills transfer to other areas of life. One area in particular would be military leadership. She has worked in the area of positive youth development in sport with underserved populations. Other areas of interest include mental toughness, youth sport parenting, and general health benefits of physical activity. 

Professor Griffes is also extensively involved with the community outside of Defiance College. She is on the Board of Directors of both the YMCA and Special Olympics, building partnerships for the college.   

Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology (ABS), Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sport Psychology, Olivet College, 2008

Professional Involvement
McMaster Associate Fellow
Board of Directors, Defiance Area YMCA
Board of Directors, Special Olympics

Professional Memberships
Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
Society of Health and Physical Educators
Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Recent Publications and Presentations
- Barnes, C.S., Griffes, K., Eicher, R.L. (2015) Connecting to the Community: Meeting the needs of P-16 Learners and Families. Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations, Columbus, OH.
- Griffes, K. (2014) Connecting to the Community:  Meeting the Needs of P-16 Learners and Families.  Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations.
- Griffes, K. (2014) The Importance of Mental Skills in the Rehabilitation of Injured Athletes.  Michigan Athletic Trainer’s Society Symposium.
- Griffes, K., (2014) I’ve got your back: Ethical considerations in athletic training.  Defiance College AT Continuing Education Symposium. 
- Coble, C.,Griffes, K., & Ewing, M. (2012). Female parent-coach experiences in youth sport. Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Atlanta, GA.
- Wright, E.M., Griffes, K., & Gould, D.R. (2011). Social support influences on girls’ sport participation in an urban environment. Poster presented at National Conference for Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity, Greensboro, NC.
- Griffes, K., Whitley, M., Gould, D. (2011) The Role of Sport and Physical Activity in the Leadership Development of Army ROTC Cadets.  Presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference, Honolulu, HI.
- Wright, E.M., Griffes, K., & Gould, D.R. (September 24, 2011). Examining girls’ sport participation in an underserved community. Presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference, Honolulu, HI.
- Griffes, K.  (2010) Leadership development in the Army ROTC: An assessment of current Leadership development strategiesResearch proposal presented at the Midwest Sport & Exercise Psychology Symposium, Muncie, IN.
- Gould, D., Flett, M., & Griffes, K. (2009) Case Studies of Volunteer Coaches in the Think Detroit/PAL Program for Underserved Youth  Poster presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference, Salt Lake City, UT.

Completed Manuscripts
- Flett, M. R., Gould, D. R., Griffes, K., & Lauer, L. (2013). Tough love for underserved youth: A comparison of more and less effective coaching. The Sport Psychologist. 27. 325-337.
- Gould, D., Voelker, D. K., & Griffes, K. (2013) Best coaching practices for developing team captains. The Sport Psychologist. 21(1) 13-26.
- Flett, M. R., Gould, D., Griffes, K., & Lauer, L. (2012). The views of more versus less experienced coaches in underserved communities. International Journal of Coaching Science, 6(1), 3-26.
- Gould, D., Griffes, K., & Carson, S.  (2011). Mental toughness as a life skill. In D. Gucciardi & S, Gordon (eds.). Mental toughness in sport: Developments in research and theory. London: Routledge.

Academic Travel
Society for Health and Physical Education, 2015

Courses Taught
- Health and PE for the Classroom Teacher
- Principles of Coaching
- Secondary School Activities
- Health and Physical Education, PreK-3
- Coaching and Leadership
- Critical Issues in School and Sport
- Middle School Physical Education
- Motor Learning
- Research in Coaching
- History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education
- Sport Psychology
- Adapted Physical Education, Recreation, and Sport
- Human Growth and Motor Development
- Fitness Training and Leadership
- Classroom Management and Curriculum Development K-8