Josh Francis

Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Education


Office:  Dana Hall, room 15
Phone: 419-783-2571
E-mail: jfrancis@defiance.edu


Professor Francis (center) with two Integrated Mathematics majors 
helping build a road in the San Mateo community of San Pedro, Belize.




Involvement at DC:



Assistant Professor of Education, Mr. Francis teaches courses in foundations of education, middle childhood and mathematics methods, and research methods. Most recently, Mr. Francis has been a lead in efforts to restructure the teacher education programs methods sequence to provide teacher candidates a more developmental approach to developing their pedagogical skill while more than doubling the number of practicum hours that candidates receive prior to student teaching. Mr. Francis continues to research and develop his knowledge and practice as it relates to democracy and education, sociological issues in education and methods for teaching at risk and marginalized populations.

Research Interests:

Mr. Francis' research interests include: human rights education, especially as it relates to teacher preparation; democracy and education as it applies to preparing future educators to be agents of change; and public reason and its influence on K-12 education.


Recent Scholarly Work: