Online Learning for RN to BSN Students

Defiance College is pleased to offer a 100% online Registered Nursing to Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degree.  This degree offers the flexibility for working professionals to complete the BSN within 18 months of enrollment.

Courses are offered in 8 week terms each semester. Students take two courses each term per semester. 

For more information about the RN to BSN program, visit the major page. 

To ensure the academic integrity of courses, programs, and degrees, the following verification of student identity is required:

  • Secure login and pass code for Moodle. This is received after completion of a required online orientation program in Moodle. The orientation familiarizes students with resources, support, and information regarding online learning at Defiance College.
  • Students must show DC ID or driver’s license to camera when required in course syllabi.
  • Faculty may require physical pictures of spaces where exams are taken via camera.
  • Faculty may require attending a licensed site to verify identity and take the exam online in that space. This may incur an additional change if required.  This will be stated in the syllabus provided on the first day of class.

Students can access resources for research projects here.

You also will be introduced to Moodle, the online learning system that you will be using for classes at Defiance College. Follow the directions below to log in and get started:

  1. Go to the Moodle log-in page.
    You can can also access this page by clicking on Moodle in the Quick Links drop-down list on the Defiance College website.

  2. Enter one of the following username/password combinations and click Login to gain guest access to Moodle. If you try one username/password combination and get an error message, simply try the next one on the list. Up to ten guests may have access at once. All letters are lowercase and there are no spaces between letters or numbers.

    Username Password Moodle Log in
    dcguest01 moodleguest  
    dcguest02 moodleguest  
    dcguest03 moodleguest  
    dcguest04 moodleguest  
    dcguest05 moodleguest  
    dcguest06 moodleguest  
    dcguest07 moodleguest  
    dcguest08 moodleguest  
    dcguest09 moodleguest  
    dcguest10 moodleguest  

  3. Click on the purple hyperlink Online Orientation (under My Courses in the middle of the page) to access the Online Orientation sample course.


  4. Explore the Online Orientation course. Read through the content and click on the purple hyperlinks to open new pages or files. Try taking a quiz, downloading documents, or uploading files. Discover the online learning environment – hands-on!


Moodle Support
If you experience any trouble, you can contact our Moodle Support at 419-783-2490 or

Moodle Guide
You may also find your answer in the Student Moodle Guide.