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Detailed Information

Athletic Training


The Defiance College Athletic Training Program (ATP) is a unique program that combines intensive course work with hands-on clinical experience to prepare a student for a career in athletic training. The academic program is a CAATE (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) accredited program that prepares students for the professional opportunities as BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC).

Admission into the Athletic Training Program is a two-step process. Students enter Defiance College as pre-athletic training majors and must complete the first year consisting of core curriculum requirements and athletic training prerequisites. Students are considered pre-professional students as they enroll in the introductory courses and begin the directed observation of the athletic training program. The pre-professional phase is completed in their first two semesters on campus. Students in AT 100 and AT 200 will meet with the Program Director and/or the Clinical Education Coordinator to assure that they are enrolled in the proper courses. Directed observation hour requirement for pre-professional Athletic Training students:

Freshman Fall
Freshman Spring

3 hours per week
5 hours per week

Total= 30 hours
Total= 50 hours

As the students complete their pre-professional requirements, students apply to advance to the Professional phase of the curriculum that includes advanced courses and clinical education. Students are admitted into the Professional Phase at the beginning of their third semester at Defiance College. The program is structured in such a way that six semesters are required to complete the Professional Phase of the ATP.


Application Requirements

Application to the professional phase of the ATP is in the second semester of their freshman year. Students must meet the minimum requirements listed below to be considered for the Athletic Training Program. The selection process is competitive and based on academic performance, clinical observation and individual personal qualities. Several criteria for selection have been given a point value to establish an objective means to evaluate your application.  Remaining criteria are considered minimum criteria. All must be completed. Meeting minimum application requirements does not guarantee a student entrance into the program.

  1. Completion of all programs application forms

  2. The student must complete the following courses with a B- or better
               AT100, Introduction to Athletic Training
               AT200, Orthopedic Pathology

  3. Documentation of a minimum of 80 clinical observation hours 
               120 hours + = 20 points
               100 - 120 hours = 15 points
               80 - 100 hours = 10 points

  4. Successful completion of Athletic Training Modules Level 1 during academic and/or clinical hours. Specific modules are assigned during AT100 and AT200.

  5. Minimum cumulative DC GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale
               3.76-4.00 = 25 points 
               3.51-3.75 = 23 points
               3.26-3.50 = 21 points
               3.01-3.25 = 19 points
               2.76-3.00 = 17 points
               2.50-2.75 = 15 points

  6. Objective Evaluations from certified staff: including evaluation based on professionalism, work ethic, dependability, initiative, and attitude.
               Clinical evaluations: average of evaluation scores will be converted to a 20 point scale.

  7. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty, coaches, athletic trainer’s etc. to support your candidacy into the Athletic Training Program.
               Letters must be from persons other than Athletic Trainers employed by Defiance College.
               You must use the form provided.

  8. Immunization Record: The immunization record includes: measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis B. The student may sign an assumption of risk waiver in lieu of receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine. The ATP strongly recommends the student receive the Hepatitis B vaccine.

  9. Ability to meet Technical Standards of the ATP.

  10. Signed statement regarding criminal background check. Interview with the ATP selection committee. Which will be scored with a minimum of 35 points.

Candidates for the ATP must meet all eleven criteria listed above. Students are then rank ordered and a minimum score of 35 points is required to be considered for entrance into the professional phase of the program. However, meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee a student entrance into the program. The number of appointments may vary each year depending on the space available in the program. The number of students accepted into the ATP is limited by the availability of clinical facilities and faculty. Limited admission will ensure that an appropriate student to clinical instructor ratio (approximately 8 to 1) is maintained. If needed, please contact the Program Director for further clarification.



Acceptance into the ATP is conditional until the final grades for that semester are received. A student with a deficiency in one of the eleven requirements of admission may be conditionally accepted into the ATP on the recommendation of the Selection committee. A contract between the student and the PD is written to establish the steps the student must make to gain full acceptance into the ATP. A student may not be in the conditional acceptance phase for more than one semester.

Program application materials are returned to the Athletic Training Program Director by March 1st. Candidates are notified of their admission status no later than April 1st.The Program Director notifies each student with a letter sent to the address listed on the application. Students who are not accepted into the ATP may reapply the following year. Due to the extensive clinical component associated with this program, students may reapply only once. Students who are not selected for the Professional phase of this program will work with the Program Director and/or their academic advisor to identify alternate academic programs to pursue.


Transfer Students

Students who have transferred to DC must complete the required professional phase of the Athletic Training Program. Prompt commencement of the directed observation period is necessary to complete the clinical courses and clinical experiences in a minimum of six semesters at Defiance College. All core courses (designated with the prefix AT) must be taken at Defiance College to ensure competency mastery. The Program Director evaluates other courses in the major on an individual basis to determine transfer of credits. Prior directed observation is evaluated and approved at the discretion of the Program Director.

Retention Criteria is listed on the Assessment Checklist that is given to the student by their academic advisor. All students at DC matriculate according to their completing their Major Assessment Checklist.