Courses - Digital Forensic Science


Major in Digital Forensic Science

The Digital Forensic Science Major requires completion of 67 credit hours

CF 105 CompTIA A+ Computer Essentials
CF 106 CompTIA A+ Practical Application
CF 110 Introduction to Computer and Digital Forensics
CF 205 Computer Security Fundamentals
CF 210 Operating Systems
CF 215 Computer Forensic and Security Ethics
CF 305 Seizure and Forensic Examination of Computer Systems
CF 310 Advanced Topics in Computer Data Analysis and Recovery
CF 315 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
CF 405 Network Forensics
CF 410 Intrusion Detection
CF 450 National Certification
CF 497 Computer Forensic Field Experience and Seminar
CJ 111 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 155 Criminal Law
CJ 217 Criminal Investigation
CJ 221 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
CJ 471 Criminology
AC 221 Financial Accounting
AC 222 Managerial Accounting
BA 363 Business Law
MA 106 Pre-Calculus Mathematics