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Personal Success Plans (PSPs)


The cornerstone event of orientation is the Personal Success Plan (PSP). You will have an opportunity to meet with faculty, staff, and alumni to help you craft a game plan for your future at DC. The PSP will not only outline your academic goals, but assist you in planning your life outside of the classroom.

The PSP will help you figure out ways that you want to grow academically, personally, culturally, and in many other ways.

Each student who attends orientation along with a parent meets with a team to discuss the student’s expectations, refining of initial goals, and development for the first semester. The members of each student’s team are able to assist that student as he/she develops and then implements the plan.

The Personal Success Plan helps you to think and plan about all aspects of your student experience, from academic to social and vocational, to spiritual.

This level of planning will help create a rewarding and engaging college experience and prepare you to transition into a successful career!