Brad M. Harsha

Brad Harsha

Title: Assistant Dean of the McMaster School
Hometown: Oak Harbor, Ohio
Family: Wife - Christy; Children - Kaylee and Kellan
Colleges Attended: Defiance College
Degrees:  Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master of Business and Organizational Leadership (MBOL)
: Business Finance
Minor: Information Technology

Quote: "So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings." 
--Matthew 6:34

Advice: I remember when I was a senior in high school and narrowing my choices for college down from 10 to 3. At the time I didn't realize what an impact the decision I would make would have on the rest of my life. Looking back I realize that my college life has shaped me into what I have become today.

There are so many lessons that you learn when you begin college. While at Defiance, I realized right away that I had been spoiled by the home-cooked meals, mom doing my laundry, and having a family always at home by my side. However, after the first two weeks, I realized that I was becoming part of another family, the Defiance College family. DC was, and still is, a place that has a warm and caring atmosphere. I was proud to be a part and still be a part of this family.

While at Defiance College, I was freshmen and sophomore Class President, a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Ambassadors, a Service Leader, and a four-year varsity letterman in Tennis.

When you begin looking for colleges, I recommend some things to consider. First of all, visit the campuses that you are interested in attending. By visiting the campus you find out right away if the school is a good fit for you or not. You must choose the school that you feel most comfortable. Don't choose the college because "that's what everybody else is doing". This is your choice and you must be happy. Finally, don't discount a school because of costs. Before you make any decisions find out what scholarships and grants are available. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and find out what the government might be able to provide.

I wish you much luck in your college search process, and I encourage you to visit Defiance College.

Brad M. Harsha '99, '02
Assistant Dean of the McMaster School
Phone: 419-783-2553