Master of Business Administration


Students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in business administration or related fields must be able to demonstrate a common base of knowledge for the required courses in the graduate curriculum. To demonstrate the common base of knowledge, undergraduate coursework must be equivalent to ACCT 221 - Financial Accounting, BUS 350 - Business Finance, ECON 201 - Microeconomics, and MKT 240 - Principles of Marketing offered at Defiance College. The courses must be completed at an accredited four-year college or university with a grade of B- or better or through demonstrated proficiency on the CLEP or DANTES examinations.

The MBA program allows students to satisfy these prerequisite requirements by completing the Peregrine Academic Services leveling courses listed below with a post-test score of 75% or higher.
Students will not be allowed to take BUS 520 (Managerial Economics), BUS 530 (Organizational Marketing), BUS 540 (Accounting Issues), or BUS 550 (Issues in Finance) until successfully completing the leveling courses.

Foundations of Microeconomics (prereq. for BUS 520)
Foundations of Marketing (prereq. for BUS 530)
Foundations of Accounting (prereq. for BUS 540)
Foundations of Business Finance (prereq. for BUS 550)

For more information, please visit Peregrine Academic Services or call the DefiOnline office at 419-783-2474.


  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit official college transcript(s) from all institutions attended. If you attended DC, a transcript will be obtained for you.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation. These letters must address academic competence and your ability to work with people, and demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and social skill. The recommendation letters must be sent by your references directly to the Admissions Office at
  4. Submit a goal statement outlining the purpose for pursuing the MBA degree to Download the rubric for goal statement evaluations here. Understand that the letters of recommendation and goal statement must address and be specific in regards to your application for the MBA academic program.

NOTE: If you are applying for a Graduate Assistant position, understand that the letters of recommendation and goal statement must specifically address your application to the MBA program.