Prerequisites, Rationale, and Guidelines

Master of Business Administration

It should be understood that prerequisites for the graduate degree, Master of Business Administration (MBA), are intended to provide a minimal common base of knowledge concerning topics that permeate and are critical to the pedagogy, graduate course content, and outcomes of this graduate program. Prerequisites are really enhancements to one’s educational experience.

Defiance College believes this common base should include: basic computer skills, quantitative reasoning, microeconomics, basic accounting, and a rudimentary understanding of concepts in finance and marketing. However, this should be accomplished as efficiently and quickly as possible. The program attempts to do that with several alternative processes designed to provide flexibility and convenience for students.

The Graduate Admission Committee reviews the applicant file to determine what prerequisites have already been met by previous undergraduate or graduate course work. Many students will have had all or many of these topics earlier. The committee may also waive prerequisites based on interviewing the applicant and evaluating work experience or non-credit training if it can be determined that there is equivalent content. If some prerequisite topics still remain, the following options may be used:

Successful completion of three semester hours of microeconomics.
- The college offers an accounting course that meets both the accounting and finance requirement as well as courses specifically designed to meet the requirements for quantitative reasoning and marketing.
- Individual undergraduate equivalent courses are available for all prerequisite topics: computer literacy, accounting, microeconomics, statistics, finance, and marketing.
- National CLEP and DANTES tests are available for most topics. This is useful if one has some knowledge of the topic and time and discipline to prepare with some guidance.
- College prepared proficiency tests are available for some prerequisites. Please note that these are alternatives. Prerequisites should precede most graduate courses so that the base of knowledge is available for use in the graduate course.

 The following is a list of specific prerequisite courses that should be taken before the corresponding graduate course or courses.

Accounting & Financial Management (ACCT 221 and BUS 350 or equivalent)
- BUS 540 Accounting Issues
- BUS 550 Issues in Financial Management

Marketing (MKT 340 or equivalent)
- BUS 530 Organizational Marketing

Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 105 or equivalent) - All MBA courses
- This course must be taken at the first available offering.

Microeconomics (ECON 201 or equivalent)
- BUS 520 Managerial Economics