Imagine Initiatives

Travel Opportunities



. . . if every student who
came to Defiance College
had an opportunity to
attend an opera, a
symphony, or a ballet.


. . . if every student had an
opportunity to visit
an art or science or
history museum.


. . . if every DC student
had an opportunity to travel
domestically with one or two
faculty members to
experience and learn more
deeply about issues related
to the students major.


Student and Non-Student Travel Application Packets


Travel Initiatives

In 2010, President Gordon kicked off Defiance College’s Imagine Campaign where he asked the Defiance Community to Imagine the following initiatives:


Imagine Initiatives are Rooted in Strong Learning Objectives.


Initiative Proposal Deadlines

The application deadline for the 2015-2016 academic year is 4:00 p.m., Monday, April 6, 2015.  The proposal must be completed, then printed, signed and submitted in hard copy to Rena Rager, Administrative Assistant, McMaster School for Advancing Humanity.

Imagine Initiative Proposal Form

One-Day Proposal

One-day proposals are accepted on an on-going basis by submitting the completed form to Rena Rager, Administrative Assistant, McMaster School for Advancing Humanity.


Selection Process for the Imagine Initiatives

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of both faculty and staff.
The Committee will provide the Provost with its recommendations; however, the Provost will be responsible for the final approval of all trips.


2014-2015 Imagine Initiatives

Past Imagine Initiatives

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Approved Imagine Initiative trips for the 2014/2015 academic year have been listed below. If you are interested in any of these upcoming initiatives, please contact the trip leader by clicking on their DC webmail link.


DC Global

Costa Rica

While the trip is open to any student at Defiance College, the men’s basketball team has been afforded the opportunity to participate in international “friendly” competition with local teams of Costa Rica, an extremely rare experience within basketball, and college athletics as a whole. The agenda revolves around the team activities. Non-team members will be afforded some additional cultural exchanges during team practice times to help enrich their experience, but all group participants will attend games and the service project.  The group will engage in a service and volunteer experience mentoring youth during a basketball clinic. Environmental issues specific to the rain forest will be a primary focus of this trip. Exploring and experiencing this habitat through a variety of “adventures” in rural areas of Costa Rica. The group will interact with the environs and people that populate this remote region of Central America.


I See London, I See…

Spending a week in London, students will explore British history and the Royal family and immerse themselves in the British culture by partaking in 8unique experiences.  Visits will include the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey.  A trip to London is not complete without visiting the royal landmarks of Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace and viewing the changing of the guard.  Also included is a guided tour through the English countryside with a stop at the mysterious Stonehenge.  Students will also learn about the art, food drink, customs, sports and traditions of England.  The trip is planned for March, and will be led by Kathleen Westfall, and Chris Medjesky,


Imagine London 2

For those students who really want to travel to London but can’t do it over Spring Break, this trip, led by Tina Mohring, and Brad Harsha, provides you the opportunity to do just that.  This trip is planned for May, and is designed to create an inexpensive travel experience attainable for students that otherwise could not afford to participate.  Participants will spend three to four days in London exploring the city’s history, politics, art, theater, professional sports, climate and daily life.  


Honors International Study

The Carolyn M. Small Honors Program offers its members the opportunity to travel internationally each academic year. The trip will be accompanied by an academic course focused on the various aspects of the location chosen for the international trip. The course and the travel will engage students during the spring semester, 2015. The sites being explored for spring break, 2015 are Nicaragua and Panama.  Mary Ann Studer, will be leading this experience.


DC Domestic 

Imagine Detroit

Each year, the Criminal Justice Society travels to a metropolitan location.  The purpose is to expose students, over their four-years of study, to multiple cultures, regions and criminal justice agencies.  Led by Steve Sondergaard,, this trip of 25 students will travel to Detroit, MI on March 18, 2015 through March 20, 2015.  Tours include the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Jail, Wayne County Medical Examiner and the United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue Station.



Travel Application Packets