Project 701 Project Descriptions


Dance Marathon

Project Managers: Caroline Hesterman,

                            Chelsea Ludeman,

                            Michael Vanderkolk

Dance Marathon is a fundraising campaign for Children's Miracle Network where students plan an end-of-campaign festivity to celebrate all the funds raised through the campaign and to support children with terminal illnesses. At the end of the year event, students celebrate by standing on their feet for 8 hours to represent children with terminal illnesses that cannot take a break. The celebration includes food, games, dancing, inflatables, miracle families and stories, and much more.

Defiance Cares Free Clinic

Project Managers: Cheryl-Ann Francis, Lindsay Kasmer

Social Work Director:   Aubrey Kemerer

Project email:

Defiance Cares Free Clinic functions through a collaboration between Mercy Hospital, ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital, and Defiance College. The clinic offers free primary health care to citizens of Defiance that do not have insurance. Students run the clinic logistically while also having the opportunity to shadow the nurses, doctors, and social workers.  It's held on the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 9 am - 12 pm, at 1018 Ralston Avenue, Defiance, OH 43512. This is the Medical Office in North Pointe Commons, next to Lefty's Pizza, across from Diehl Park, and near ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital.


Backpack Buddy Program

Project Managers: Genelle Castro,

                            Jillian Crowell,

                            Beth Pienoski

The Backpack Buddy Program is a food program for children on the free/reduced food program of Defiance County to receive supplemental food on the weekends during the school year. Different groups, organizations, and community members stuff all of the backpacks each week and then the backpacks are delivered to each of the 6 public elementary schools within the Defiance County.

DC Art Box Fair Trade

Project Managers: Chris Wade,

                            Michelle Bulriss  

DC Art Box is a small, mobile fair trade organization that makes connections and partnerships with artists in foreign countries to sell the foreign goods at a fair price. Currently, DC Artbox has made connections artisans in countries that the McMaster School fellows & scholars program has traveled to.

DCPC Solutions

President: Paul Zore

Vice President:  Jeremy Martin

Senate Representative:  Tory Savage

DCPC Solutions is a small computer services business where digital forensic students offer computer services to the community grounded on free will donation. DCPC provides computer repair/malware removal, upgrades, education, and networking services.

DC Recycling

Project Managers: Ian Fasnacht,

                            Amber Moomey,

                            Susie Stoepfel


The DC Recycling project controls most of the recycling on campus to help make the campus a greener environment. The project is housed within the resident halls where the DCR team picks up recycling from the residents, then all recycling is sorted through and taken to the local recycling center in Defiance. All profits from the recyclables goes towards the Backpack Buddy Program.

Creating Defiance

Project Managers: Jenny Reolfi,

                           Michelle Puehler

Creating Defiance is small graphic design studio where graphic design students offer graphic design services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Graphic design students in this project have the opportunity to create logos, marketing materials and much more for local and national organizations and companies.


Hench Herb Project

Project Managers: Rachel Davis,

                            Miranda Steffes

The Hench Autism Herb Project is collaboration between the Hench Autism Unit students and the DC students where the project team grows, dries, and sells herbs. A variation of herbs is grown for cooking uses while the group learns about the entire process.


Project Managers: Jade Spangler,

                           Brittany Van Auken

READ@DC is a Reading Engagement and Development Center for children ages K-12. READ@DC provides assessment/diagnosis services; remediation in reading and writing; and tutoring in reading and writing by DC trained pre-service teachers. This program is designed to improve literacy for individuals within the Defiance County.

Mirror Project

Project Manager: Sandra Hubler

The Mirror Project aims to benefit Defiance Middle School students by providing mentoring at café Cabin Fever on Friday afternoons, which is the same time that many young Defiance middle school students already visit the cafe. Defiance College students mentor and support the middle school students.  The Mirror Project goals are to provide good role models, lead students in positive directions, and establish a routine that will benefit the students.