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Project 701

McMaster School for Advancing Humanity

Have you ever imagined creating a project to tutor children or to provide professional clothing to those in need looking for employment? How about a project to help restore lost information from a computer or a marketing project in which you can create advertising materials for area businesses? Can you see yourself opening a fair trade outlet, organizing fundraising events for Miracle Children, or handling the logistics of a program that provides food for children when there is no access to school lunches? These are all examples of projects that Defiance College students are working on as part of Project 701, a unique student-run non-profit organization that enables Defiance College students to engage in creative service opportunities while gaining critical managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

While many students benefit from engaging in service opportunities in high school, Project 701 gives Defiance College students an opportunity to learn and contribute in a more meaningful way, as students receive leadership training, develop their own projects, and manage those projects. Students also have an opportunity not just to supervise their own projects but also to become leaders and officers of a real functioning non-profit organization. Can you imagine applying for your first job out of college and being able to say that you already have personal experience serving as the executive director, chief financial officer, or project manager of a non-profit organization? Can you imagine applying for a job or internship and being able to show the interviewer how you created a business plan to develop a successful service project or how you managed and trained incoming students to work on a project?

Students can choose their own Project 701 initiative so that they can gain real-life experience in their major area of interest. By working on Project 701, Defiance College students also get impactful experiential learning opportunities that go many steps beyond voluntarism as students receive leadership opportunities that challenge them to apply their expertise in a professional manner in a real world context.

Students working in Project 701 have:

  1. Opportunities to serve as a board member or staff of the non-profit organization – steering the policy and the direction of this dynamic organization;

  2. Opportunities to manage an interdisciplinary team of students focused on a particular community-generated issue or need;

  3. Opportunities to be a member of an interdisciplinary team focused on a particular community-generated issue or need;

  4. Opportunities to provide overarching support for Project 701 by working to secure grants and funding, or marketing and chronicling the activities of the non-profit.

Student-run, student ownership, student commitment, student expertise, student professionalism working actively to enact solutions. What better way to stand out among your peers than to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree AND with high-impact experience that evidences your ability to apply your academic knowledge.

For questions or a complete position description you may contact the Service Leadership Program, at 419-783-2553.