Choosing a Graduate or Professional School

Office of Career Development

Criteria to Consider

  • Quality of the Program
    Does the program teach primarily introductory classes or does it go beyond? Does the concentration of the program match your goals? Is the program properly accredited and respected for work in your desired field?
  • Faculty
    Are the faculty well-published? Where have they published? What are they currently researching? Does this research coincide with your interests? Are they available or always traveling?
  • Students
    What is the student population? How large is the graduate program? What is the student/faculty ratio? What is the average age of students enrolled? Do students attend primarily full -or part-time?
  • Location
    Where is the school located? What is the climate? What recreational activities are available? What is the social climate? Can you be happy in this environment for the duration of your program?
  • Finances
    What is the tuition for the program? What kind of financial assistance is available? Do they have graduate/teaching/research assistantships, loans, fellowships?
  • Admissions
    What are the admissions criteria? How competitive are you?
  • The Future
    Does the program assist with the job search after you receive your degree? Where do graduates end up working? What internship and job opportunities are available while you are in the program?

Questions to Ask When Choosing Graduate Schools