Gaining Experience: Find a Job/Internship/Co-op

Office of Career Development


Gaining Experience

Career related experience can help you develop the skills, abilities and knowledge to solidify your career goals. Students can gain experience through summer jobs, part-time jobs, volunteer experience, leadership opportunities and involvement in campus activities. Student can make themselves more marketable by completing a co-op or internship experience.

Reasons to consider and internship or co-op

  • Gives you a chance to “reality test” the work environment.
  • Gain a competitive edge over other candidates who have no career related experience
  • Acquire new skills that will strengthen your resume
  • Get a head start on finding a full-time job
  • Networking
  • Gain references for future use

Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education at Defiance College is a unique educational process designed to help students realize their potential and develop their careers by integrating classroom study with planned supervised experience in career or cultural activities outside the formal classroom environment. Co-ops are paid positions and are coordinated by the Office of Career Development.

Cooperative Education is available in all major fields to students who have reached sophomore status and are in good academic standing. Interested students should consult with their academic advisor and the Director of Career Development to work out an individual job placement which will reflect career interests and make a significant contribution to the major field of study. The student must work through the Office of Career Development for placement, educational outcomes, and supervision procedure and assessment. For each credit hour earned, the student must work 120 hours on the job. To register the students must submit a current resume and two letters of reference.

Students pay only the regular semester-hour rate for co-op credits.



Internships are typically one-time work experiences related to a student’s major or career goal. The internship plan generally involves a student working in a professional setting under the supervision and monitoring of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid and the student may or may not receive academic credit for performing the internship. See your individual major requirements for more information.

Sources for Internships

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