Funding - Graduate and Professional

Office of Career Development

Monetary support to attend graduate school is available from several sources but may be difficult to discover what is available to you at any given time. Check the graduate catalog for financial aid information. Deadlines are typically quite early for financial aid applications. Request financial aid applications at the same time you request your admissions application be sent to you.

Forms of Financial Aid
Financial Aid for Graduate and Professional school typically comes in the following forms:

  • Fellowships
    Fellowships are the equivalent of a scholarship at the graduate level.. These are awarded based on scholastic achievement and few are available. Most of the time these grants include free tuition and a stipend and do not have a work requirement.
  • Research Assistantships
    You assist a professor with research and are compensated for it. Fee remissions are common but you may still be responsible for partial payment of tuition and/or fees.
  • Teaching Assistantships
    Typically you teach a basic level course or lab and are compensated with a stipend and a full or partial tuition waiver. Requests for teaching or research assistantships should be made directly to the department or program of interest to you.
  • Long-term Educational Loans
    Most schools have loan programs for which graduate students may be eligible. Such programs included private, state, and federally-sponsored Guaranteed Student Loan Programs.
  • Other
    There are other forms of financial assistance that you can seek, such as Graduate Residence Advisers, campus jobs, and internship opportunities.