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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your placement rate?
Based on post graduate surveys, we have found that, generally, 97% of DC graduates are either working full-time or enrolled in graduate schools six months after graduation.

How can my student find a part-time job?
On-campus student employment and the Work Study program is managed by the Financial Aid office. Off-campus part-time job opportunities can be found on our on-line job posting system, College Central Network.

Who can use the Career Development office?
Any Defiance College student, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.

Can you help my student choose a major?
Yes. Students can make an appointment with the career counselor to discuss options as well as take an on-line assessment called MyMajors.com. MyMajors.com provides useful advice on college majors that a college student with your student’s interests and achievements might enjoy and excel in. Students take the short MyMajors interview and receive five majors matching their interests and academic experience. Students can obtain an advisement report summarizing their inputs and ten ranked major recommendations and can review this report with academic advisors, faculty, and family members.

Is there a “test” my student can take to help identify a career choice?
The Career Development office offers two assessment instruments for students to identify interests, skills, values and personality.

When should my student start utilizing the Career Development office?
The Career Development Center has something to offer all Defiance College students, freshmen through graduate students. Check out our 4-year Career Planning Checklist.

What types of employers recruit DC students?
Employers of all types from around the region, state, and nation recruit and hire Defiance College students. Students have the opportunity to meet employers through several job fairs that sponsor.

What should my student do in order to enhance their chances of finding a good full-time job?
Encourage your student to get involved on campus in student organization and/or find a part-time job. These experiences are great learning transferrable skills such as leadership, teamwork, time management etc.

Another way to enhance their chances of finding a good full-time job is to get an internship or co-op positions in their area of study. Not only will this experience help them stand out compared to peers, but many employers hire their interns full-time after graduation.

In addition, students should utilize the Office of Career Development for assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and job searching. We also offer an on-line job posting system through College Central Network (link) that students can access 24/7.

See "How to Get Your College Grad Hired" for more tips.

What percentage of Defiance graduates attend graduate or professional school?
Approximately 20% of Defiance College students are enrolled in a graduate or professional school program immediately following graduation. Another 50% plan to attend graduate or professional school at some point in their lifetime. The University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University, Defiance College, The Ohio State University, The University of Akron, and IUPU-Fort Wayne are just some of the many schools our students attend for graduate or professional school. Common graduate programs include MBA, Law, Social Work, Education, Ecology, Forensic Science, Athletic Training, and Ministry along with a variety of others.