Planning for Graduate School

Office of Career Development

What Can I do Now?
If there is even a small possibility that you might be interested in graduate or professional school, these tips may be helpful:

Keep your grades up: The average minimum admission to most graduate and professional schools is 3.0

Tips for achieving a higher G.P.A.
Don’t take too many classes per term. Focus on doing well in fewer classes.
Find out about getting tutoring in classes where you are not necessarily doing badly but would benefit from support.
Consider retaking classes in which you earned a D or F if you are prepared to put in all the effort required to earn an A or B.
Look at study techniques and time management skills.
Ask for help from professors, tutorial centers.
Choose classes you really like.
Evaluate non-academic reasons that prevent maintaining a high G.P.A. and determine what steps you can take in your personal life to remedy those (working fewer hours, improving study environment, assistance with relationship issues, etc).
Consider the costs/benefits of graduating later than planned to raise your G.P.A. to a high level.
Sharpen your writing skills: It is important to build your vocabulary and know how to articulate concisely.
Get Practical Experience

Gain research experience
Many majors at Defiance College require a Senior Capstone Project so take advantage of this opportunity to conduct research.
Approach a professor you took a class with and ask if you can assist with a research project s/he is working on. Perhaps you can earn academic credits in your department and have it listed on your transcript.
Look on the web for paid summer research opportunities.
Ask advisors about research opportunities.

Gain internship experience
See if there is an internship coordinator at your department.
Ask department staff about potential internships.
Ask professors and other students about potential internships.
See if Career Development lists internships in your field.
Set aside money for the process: tests and application costs.
Network: with professors, administrators, professionals, and friends about your area of interest.

Graduate School Timetable