Diversity Council

Three students standing together and talking in front of a brick building front. "... we strive to create an inclusive and safe community that celebrates our diversity."


Defiance College is a community of individuals committed to creating a solid platform that acknowledges, respects, and accepts the diversity of our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and external stakeholders. We will embrace, support, and value the diverse cultural norms, backgrounds, and attitudes as well as the diverse ideas and experiences each member contributes to the community. Through open minds and an intellectual process, we strive to create an inclusive and safe community that celebrates our diversity.


  • Objective #1 - Increase all aspects of diversity within our campus community by increasing recruitment efforts for faculty, staff, and students to reach a broader national and international base.

  • Objective #2 - Expand and enhance programming opportunities and academic support for first generation, academically-challenged, and gifted students.

  • Objective #3 - Improve and more widely promote academic and extracurricular cultural experiences for students, faculty, and staff globally, nationally, regionally, and locally.

  • Objective #4 - Heighten awareness and promote inclusiveness, respect, value, and support of diversity within our college community.


Comprised of students, faculty, and staff.