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"Each year, my students await the Black Swamp Honors Choir with nothing short of excited anticipation. Andrew always selects meaningful, varied, and challenging repertoire. Without fail, my students return to school the following Monday with renewed vigor and energy. The BSHC is one of the highlights of
our choral calendar."

--Benjamin D. Lupo, Director of Vocal Music, Bryan City Schools


Black Swamp Honors Choir

Defiance College Music Programs will offer the eighth annual Black Swamp Honors Choir to area high school students. The select chorus is featured on the W. Oscar Jones Choral Festival held on the DC Campus. The Black Swamp Honors Choir offers high school students the opportunity to sing with 70 of the area’s best high school singers and also perform with Defiance College ensembles.


The great news is:

Selected Students Receive:


Schedule of Events

Black Swamp in ChurchFriday, May 26
Deadline for Applications

May 1 – May 26
Auditions at area high schools

Thursday, November 2 (evening)
Evening rehearsal on men’s and women’s pieces with the Northwesternaires and DC Women's Chorus. Ice cream social following the rehearsal.

Saturday, November 4 (morning/afternoon)
Morning and afternoon rehearsal on mixed selections. Lunch provided.

Sunday, November 5 (afternoon/early evening)
Afternoon run-through rehearsal followed by performances at 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm.


Black Swamp Honors Choir Application

Applications are available online.

A minimum of five applications are needed for an onsite audition with a maximum of 20 auditions at each school. Payment will be made by Director's check only. Student checks will be returned.

Checks for fees payable to Defiance College should be mailed to:

Music Programs
Defiance College
701 N. Clinton
Defiance, OH 43512.


Black Swamp practice