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MacKenzie Combs '18

MacKenzie graduated from DC in 2018 with a B.S. in Social Work and Psychology. During her years at DC, she was involved with the Service Leaders, McMaster School for Advancing Humanity, Dance Marathon, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Women's Tennis team, Project 701, Free Clinic, Social Work Organization, Presidential Achievement Society, DC Recycling, Pilgrim Scholarship, and DC Social Work's Empty Bowls. Combs was a DC Ambassador, Student Senate President, and a Carolyn M. Small Honors student. She is now an Inpatient Therapist for Arrowhead Behavioral Health. She also obtained her Master of Social Work from University of Michigan (2019) and is a Licensed Independent Social Worker.

MacKenzie's favorite memory about her time at DC is going to Tanzania on a McMaster trip. She facilitated a project on women's empowerment and entrepreneurship. She said she learned so much about how little she knows about the world while also gaining more curiosity to understand it and how she fits into it. 

She says alumni connection and support are essential because "College is a time in one's life where you gain your identity, and it's a part of staying in touch with how you were able to find yourself."