Veterans Programs

Military veterans as students provide a valuable dimension and depth to a college campus. They have unique perspectives on learning and real-life situations that can enrich the learning environment for all students.

In turn, a successful college experience can give veterans a positive transition from active military service back into the citizen workforce.

Beginning in the Fall 2022 semester,  Veterans and any other military connected students will be given priority registration.  Along with our Honors Students, they will be able to register for classes a week earlier than the general student body.

American flag flying against a blue sky in front of a Defiance College sign

Defiance College has a long history of welcoming military veterans to campus. We work hard to make sure that veterans receive the support needed to transition to college life. Our Registrar's Office works closely with current and prospective student veterans on understanding their education benefits and submitting all necessary paperwork to the VA for approval. In addition to staff support throughout campus departments, the college provides a Veterans Resource Center on campus where student veterans can study.

A list of veteran resources and contacts may be found here.