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Dr. Richanne C. MankeyDr. Richanne C. Mankey became the nineteenth and first female President of Defiance College in January, 2016. Prior to Defiance College she served Daemen College and Ohio Northern University. Her ongoing focus is to turn challenges into opportunities by inspiring constituent groups to work together on long-term sustainability.

The Defiance College members of the entering class of 2020 were inaugural participants in Jacket Journey, a unique program which undergirds career preparation with Liberal Arts-based learning. Conceptualized to address issues related to workforce development, Jacket Journey is a required
program that carries academic credit over the entire four-year career of an undergraduate student. It compliments each student's academic pursuits.

During her tenure, grant funding of over $5.5 million has been awarded to Defiance College for various initiatives, most especially focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Total giving and donor goals have been exceeded each year, and the placement rate has a five-year average of 95%. A wrestling program started after a $2.3 million renovation of the Weaner Center. Academically there have been many improvements including that 82% of full-time faculty now have the appropriate credentials for their discipline; Civil and Electrical engineering programs began in 2022 in partnership with the University of North Dakota; 18 new academic programs (majors, minors, certificate, concentrations) have been added that ended a 12 year period of inactivity prior to 2017. Full accreditation is now enjoyed by all four of our externally accredited programs: Social Work (CSWE), Nursing (CCNE), Education (CAEP), and Business (IACBE). In 2017 an endowed Visiting Scholars Program was created through the generosity of the Charles K. and Esther C. Krieger Foundation. Many facility improvements have been made that include technology, security access systems and cameras, residence hall renovations, academic classroom and laboratory upgrades. To date, her goal to keep members of the campus community as healthy and safe as possible, while continuing to educate students in a face-to-face format has been met throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the accuracy, analysis, and use of data in decision-making has been improved.

The board approved Defiance College: Strategies to Defy the Ordinary 2021-2026 in February 2021. The Strategies guide the work to continue to improve quality programs, grow enrollment and increase retention, have a vibrant campus environment as well as to prepare students for career readiness and life-long learning that is transformative. The mission, vision, and core values are included in the document, and the essence of a Defiance College education is made clear - it is transformative learning. It also includes a bold goal to become a national model for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It is the second strategic plan during Dr. Mankey's administration.

Until 2025, Dr. Mankey will serve on the board of directors for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU); since 2018 she has served on the Policy Analysis and Public Relations committee for NAICU. She is also a trustee on the executive committee for the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC). She currently serves on the NCAA President's Council as well as the President's Advisory Group for Division III. In 2019 she became a trustee for the Regional Growth Partnership based in Toledo, Ohio. Locally, she is a trustee for the ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital. She has taken an active role with Defiance community leadership and currently leads part of its strategic planning and comprehensive master planning efforts.

Dr. Mankey graduated cum laude from Ohio Northern University (Ohio); received her master's degree from the University of Dayton (Ohio); and earned her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University (New York, New York).