Mission Statement
Hench Autism Studies Program

The Hench Autism Studies Program at Defiance College serves as a focal point for teaching, scholarship, and action to serve people with autism and their families.

The mission of the Hench Autism Studies Program is to educate Defiance College students for responsible service and citizenship to produce committed professional leaders who will understand the importance of working with and on behalf of people with autism and their families as a way of improving the human condition locally and in the broader world. These students study autism as a complex intellectual question that requires education, compassion, and a commitment to understanding all forms of diversity. As a result, students will acquire invaluable skills to lead and serve within professional communities, whatever professions they may choose.

The Hench Autism Studies Program critically investigates issues related to autism and their impact on individuals, families, and communitie while preparing individuals to enrich lives and develop human potential at all levels.