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The education faculty's objective is to prepare students to become effective teachers. The curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn both the theoretical and applied aspects of teaching. In addition, students will participate in multiple and varied clinical experiences during each year of the program, beginning as early as the first semester of their freshman year.



 Admission and Requirements

Defiance College offers the following majors leading to teacher licensure:

Parents of young children want teachers who are experts in their field, but who are also patient, nurturing, creative, and flexible. Primary Pk-5 majors are prepared to face the many roles they will take on in their classrooms. Not only do they possess the characteristics that parents desire, they also understand that learning is an active process. They learn how developmentally-appropriate practices are the vehicle for engaging students in the core content of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. They are dedicated to becoming effective teachers who instill in their students a lifelong love of learning.
Students in middle school face many challenges. They are attempting to gain independence and establish their individual identities. The guidance of capable, caring educators will help them as they navigate these critical years in their lives and show them their own potential. Middle childhood education (MCE) majors at Defiance College understand the complex development of pre-adolescence. They are equipped with deep knowledge of the two specific content areas in which they teach, and they learn to use effective strategies that engage students in ways that emphasize their abilities, but are sensitive to their personal growth and development.

Available licensures:
Reading/Language Arts & Science
Reading/Language Arts & Mathematics
Reading/Language Arts & Social Studies
Social Studies & Mathematics
Social Studies & Science
Science & Mathematics
Education majors working towards adolescent to young adult (AYA) licensure become experts in a subject they love and learn to teach it well. Students in grades 7 though 12 begin to express themselves in unique and diverse ways. AYA candidates are prepared to foster individuality as they share their passion for learning with every student. They step up to the challenge of equipping their students with the 21st century skills they need to face the complexities of adulthood, as well as personal and professional fulfillment.

Available licensures:
Integrated Language Arts
Integrated Mathematics
Integrated Social Studies
Life Science
Life Science and Chemistry
K-12 licensure.
Teacher candidates who work with students in kindergarten through high school have a deep understanding of a broad range of academic and social abilities and challenges. They recognize that all children are unique and that they must draw from many developmentally-appropriate practices to ensure the specific needs of each student will be met.


When added to the pre-K - 3 early childhood licensure, this endorsement enables early childhood educators to teach all subjects in grades 4 - 5. This program is available as either an undergraduate or a standalone post-baccalaureate program.
When added to their middle childhood licensure, this endorsement enables educators to obtain the ability to teach additional content areas in grades 4 - 6. This program is available as either an undergraduate program or a standalone post-baccalaureate program.

Candidates may select one or more of the following content areas in which to obtain this endorsement:
Reading/Language Arts
Social Studies


Primary PK-5 and Intervention Specialist
Middle Childhood and Intervention Specialist



CAEP: Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Defiance College Teacher Education has earned national accreditation for initial licensure programs from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) through 2027. CAEP promotes excellence in educator preparation through quality assurance and continuous improvement and is the only national accreditor for educator preparation recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The Defiance College Teacher Education Program meets rigorous national standards for educator preparation and has earned national accreditation by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, clinical experiences, selectivity, program impact, and capacity for continuous improvement.

Defiance College's teacher licensure programs are also approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education in Early Childhood; Middle Childhood, Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies; Adolescent to Young Adult in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Social Studies, Life Sciences, and Life Sciences and Chemistry; and Multi-age in Intervention Specialist: Mild-to-Moderate.

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Ohio Education Licensure

Since the Ohio Department of Education periodically changes teacher licensure requirements, the College reserves the right to modify its programs and requirements to meet changing state standards. The professional courses and the teaching fields outlined will meet the current state standards for teacher licensure in Ohio. Students interested in teaching in another state are advised to contact that state's department of education to determine if the Ohio teaching license will transfer to a comparable license in that state.


91% pass rate on Ohio Assessments for Educators licensure exams

Recent school districts hiring our graduates include:

Central Local Schools
Defiance City Schools
Edon Local Schools
Fort Jennings Local Schools
Galion City Schools
Kenton City Schools
Lima City Schools
Mohawk Local Schools
Montpelier Exempted Village Schools
Northeastern Local School District
Paulding Exempted Village Schools
Sidney City Schools
Stryker Local Schools
Tinora High School
Wauseon Middle School

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Carla Higgins, Ph.D., Program Director
Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Deependra Budhathoki, Ph.D.
Tamala North, Ph.D.
Marcia Rozevink, Ph.D.