McMaster Symposium 2015

The Question of Individual Liberties as Critical to Improving the Human Condition
April 8-9, 2015


McMaster Symposium AgendaThe 2015 McMaster Symposium committee invited individual papers, roundtable discussions, and panels that address the relationship between "individual liberties" and the various needs, values, expectations, beliefs, traditions, and orientations that may constitute an "improved human condition." Over the course of the symposium we seek to examine the "individual liberties" concept from the perspective of a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to the fine arts, economics, political science, social sciences, education, peace and justice studies, communication arts, and the sciences.

Keynote Speaker

Earl Taylor
President of the National Center for Constitutional Studies, and the Founder and Principal of Heritage Academy

Earl TaylorEarl Taylor graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Corporate Finance, served for two years in the Army, then returned to spend the next 18 years in the Real Estate business. He became gradually interested in the political situation in our country and became a teacher of the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers for an organization entitled The National Center for Constitutional Studies.

As he taught around the nation, his desire increased to get this message to younger people, particularly high school students. After trying, without success, to interest the public school districts, Mr. Taylor was attracted to the then newly-passed legislation in Arizona providing for Charter Schools (1993). Heritage Academy was established as one of the first charter schools in Arizona (1995).

Taylor has now been teaching high school seniors the miraculous story of America's founding and particularly the sources and principles upon which our country was founded (as required by state law). He has also been instrumental in encouraging the celebration of Constitution Week in many cities and schools throughout the nation. He will be speaking the evening of April 8, 2015.