Academic Programs

Welcome to Defiance College academics.  My primary role as Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs is to ensure your experience here is second to none in terms of your education.  As you explore Defiance College, you will find a great faculty with expertise in their discipline, majors and minors that will feed your passion for learning and propel you into your professional career, and support staff that assist with acquiring internships and research experiences.  In other words, Defiance College offers everything a large university does, but within the confines of a beautiful, smaller campus atmosphere.

Defiance College is proud to offer degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Additionally, we offer a 100% online RN to BSN program for nursing professionals.  We are proud to offer a well-rounded curriculum, which emphasizes writing, speaking, and research development tied to applied learning.

Students at Defiance College conduct research with faculty, travel abroad conducting research with communities through the McMaster Scholars program, and develop their own non-profits serving the local community through Project 701.

If you want a personalized education experience in a beautiful campus settling, Defiance College is the place for you!

Agnes Caldwell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Academic Dean