Defiance College Directory

Defiance College
701 N. Clinton St.
Defiance, Ohio 43512
419.784.4010  /  1.800.520.GODC

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Part-time faculty are not listed at this time.


Academic Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2586
Location: Defiance 106

Stacy Adams
ASD Affinity Program & Education Clinical Experiences Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2525
Location: Defiance Hall 119

Phone: 419-783-2359
Fax: 419-783-2468
Location: Serrick 112

Phone: 419-783-2304

Jeff Appel
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Location: Physical Plant

Tracy Armey
Assistant Director of the Institute for Career Readiness and Lifelong Learning
Phone: 419-783-2349
Location: Pilgrim Library 211

Art Gallery
Women's Commission Gallery
Location: Dana Hall

Emili Aselage
Financial Literacy Education Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2350
Location: Pilgrim Library L212

Phone: 419-783-2342
Fax: 419-783-2369
Location: McMaster Center 105

Phone: 419-783-2615



Ben Babcock
Assistant Baseball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2335
Location: Smart Center 117

Britta Baker
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2545
Location: Serrick 223C

Steven Bare, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 419-783-2523
Location: Dana 5

Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Associate Professor of Special Education
Director of Hench Autism Studies Program
Phone: 419-783-2355
Location: Defiance 104C

Michael Beals
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2438
Location: Serrick 112K

Cathy Behringer
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2573
Location: Tenzer 101

Sally Bissell
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Phone: 419-783-2411
Location: Defiance Hall 216F

Board of Trustees

Kristine Boland
Phone: 419-783-2469
Location: Defiance 213C

Tyler Bolen
Assistant Football Coach
Phone: 419-783-2452
Location: Defiance 21

Steven Borawski
Phone: 419-783-2358
Location: Serrick 204E

Lynn Braun, M.A., P.C.C.-S.
Assistant Dean of Campus Wellness
Director of Counseling & Accessibility Services
Phone: 419-783-2548
Location: Defiance 201

Sabrina Brown, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Phone: 419-783-2598
Location: Rowe 105

Dawn Buchholz
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 419-783-2551
Location: Serrick 204

Don Buerk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Phone: 419-783-2454
Location: Dana 2

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Phone: 419-783-2315
Location: Defiance 125

Mary Burkholder
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 419-783-2360
Location: Defiance 106F

Business Office
Phone: 419-783-2550
Fax: 419-783-2318
Location: Defiance 214



Hallmark Dining
Phone: 419-783-2488

Sam Cai, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 419-783-2431
Location: Defiance Hall 206D

Agnes Caldwell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Dean & Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management
Phone: 419-783-2586
Location: Defiance 106E

Michelle Call
Accounting Associate
Phone: 419-783-2325
Location: Defiance 214

Career Development
Phone: 419-783-2349
Fax: 419-783-2597
Location: Pilgrim Library 214

Nathan Christianson
Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
Phone: 419-783-2385
Location: Smart Center 118

Mercedes Clay
Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Intercultural Relations
Phone: 419-783-2362
Location: Hubbard 132

Phone: 419-783-2590
Fax: 419-784-0426

Computer Services
Phone: 419-783-2667

Isiah Cross
Assistant Director of Admissions
Coordinator of Telecounseling & Training
Phone: 419-783-2363
Location: Serrick 112D

Lisa Crumit-Hancock
Assistant Dean of Student Success
Director of Student Academic Support Services

Phone: 419-783-2332
Location: Pilgrim Library 216

Custodial Services
{WFF Custodial Services}
Phone: 419-783-2466

Ted Czartoski
Director of Physical Plant
Phone: 419-783-2436
Location: Physical Plant



Brett Decker, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 419-783-2417
Location: Defiance 206C

Phone: 419-783-2348

Heidi DeSota, DNP, RN
Director of Nursing
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: 419-783-2372
Location: Tenzer 101

Dining Services
Phone: 419-783-2488

Bradley Doidge
Director of the Men's & Women's Golf Programs
Phone: 419-783-2405
Location: McMaster 105G

Dimare Dunlap
Administrative Assistant, Student Life
Phone: 419-783-2437 
Location: Hubbard 128

Somnath Dutta, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 419-783-2428
Location: Tenzer 301



Education Department
Phone: 419-783-2323

Nady El-Zayaty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business
Phone: 419-783-2581
Location: Defiance 208D

Steven Engel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Composition

Phone: 419-783-2338
Location: Schauffler 125

English Program Website

Ellen Erickson
Data Management & Office Coordinator, Admissions
Phone: 419-783-2361
Location: Serrick 112B



Facilities Rental
Conferences & Events
Phone: 419-783-2585
Fax: 419-783-2579

Sidney Faine
Director of Student Activities & Leadership
Hall Director

Phone: 419-783-2388

Beverly Fanning, MFA
Assistant Professor of Design
Director of the Defiance Women's Commission Gallery
Phone: 419-783-2559
Location: Art Center 6

Dawn Ferris
Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2439
Location: Schauffler 206

Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2364
Fax: 419-783-2579
Location: Serrick 204

Fitness Center
Phone: 419-783-2697

Catelyn Fix
Case Manager & Counseling Center Staff Clinician
Phone: 419-783-2560
Location: Defiance Hall 201D

Kara Flesher
Assistant Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Online Programs
Phone: 419-783-2474
Location: Serrick 112M



George M. Smart Center
Phone: 419-783-2697

Courtney Gibson
Head Cheer & Dance Coach
Phone: 419-783-2475
Location: Defiance Hall 139

Joshua Gibson
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2346
Location: McMaster Center 131

Amanda Gilbert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: 419-783-2473
Location: Defiance 104B

Julie Godfrey
Phone: 419-783-2503
Location: Physical Plant

Noah Goodrich
Academic Support Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2414
Location: Pilgrim Library 202

Sheldon Goodrum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 419-783-2522
Location: Schauffler 208

Graduate Programs
Phone: 419-783-2325

Brent Greear
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Location: Physical Plant

Timothy Green, ABD, MA
Instructor of English
Phone: 419-783-2348
Location: Schauffler 122

Phone: 419-783-2426

Nathan Griggs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2592
Location: Rowe 211



Hallmark Dining
Phone: 419-783-2488

Carla Higgins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
Director of Education
Phone: 419-783-2571
Location: Defiance 104A

Scott Hirko, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Phone: 419-783-2336
Location: Dana 31A

Phone: 419-783-2442
Location: Hubbard Hall

Nicole Hoffman
Assistant Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Digital Marketing
Phone: 419-783-2367
Location: Serrick 112L

Phone: 419-783-2563

Human Resources
Phone: 419-783-2360
Fax: 419-784-4101



Ryan Imbrock
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Phone: 419-783-2302
Location: Serrick 228D

Institutional Advancement
Phone: 419-783-2463
Location: Defiance 215

Intercultural Relations
Phone: 419-783-2362
Location: Hubbard 140

Janice Ivory
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management & Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2376
Location: Serrick 204D



Jacket Sports Line
Phone: 419-783-2582

Quentin Jones
Assistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2446
Location: Defiance Hall 37



Allan King, Jr.
Head Women's Basketball Coach & Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Recruiting
Phone: 419-783-2391
Location: McMaster Center 105C

Collette Knight
Library Access & Outreach Services Manager
Phone: 419-783-2482
Location: Pilgrim Library 217

Kirsten Knell
Conference & Events Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2585
Location: Serrick 223A

Kris Knight
Accessibility Services Coordinator & Counseling Center Staff Clinician
Phone: 419-783-2445
Location: Defiance 202B

Rachelle Kuhn, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Phone: 419-783-2440
Location: Dana 31B

Kimberly Kuiper, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Phone: 419-783-2459
Location: Dana Hall 9



Jack Lawson
Veteran, Transfer, & Adult Student Support Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2313
Location: Defiance 105

Learning Commons
Phone: 419-783-2389

Phone: 419-783-2481

Camille Lively
Director of Music Programs
Phone: 419-783-2331
Location: Schauffler 128

Olivia Lozar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Phone: 419-783-2456
Location: Dana 4

Josh Lubich
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Phone: 419-783-2408
jlubich@defiance.eduLocation: Weaner Center 136B

Judy Lymanstall
Executive Secretary to the President
Phone: 419-783-2300
Location: Defiance 106

Tara Lymanstall
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2364
Location: Serrick Center 204C

Mindi Lynn
Administrative Assistant for Athletics
Phone: 419-783-2342
Location: McMaster Center 105



Phone: 419-783-2329
Location: Hubbard 140

Phone: 419-783-2503

Richanne C. Mankey, Ed.D.
Phone: 419-783-2300
Location: Defiance 106B

Lisa M. Marsalek
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students
Phone: 419-783-2587
Location: Hubbard 130

Ryan Mays
Audio Visual & Academic Technology Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2615
Location: Library 104

Makayla McAvoy
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 419-783-2379
Location: Weaner Center 142A

Hailey McCarron
Executive Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2586
Location: Defiance 106

Sheri McCoy
Director of Donor Relations & Special Events
Phone: 419-783-2304
Location: Defiance 216E

McMaster School for Advancing Humanity
Phone: 419-783-2552

Media Center (UCC)
Phone: 419-783-2484

Tina Mohring
Director of Student Accounts
Phone: 419-783-2339
Location: Defiance 213B

Moodle Support
Phone: 419-783-2490



Aaron Napierala, M.S., MCSE, MCSA, Network+, A+
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Phone: 419-783-2356
Location: Dana 8

Bill Nickell
Assistant Football Coach
Phone: 419-783-2453
Location: Defiance Hall 24



Amanda O'Shea
Assistant Softball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2378
Location: McMaster 136D

Robyn Otey
Office Coordinator, McMaster School and Institute for Career Readiness
Phone: 419-783-2553
Location: Pilgrim Library 101



BJ Pheasant
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Phone: 419-783-2404
Location: McMaster Center 105F

Kathryn Phillips, Ph.D.
Krieger Visiting Scholar in Religious Studies
Phone: 419-783-2461
Location: Dana 6

Physical Plant
Phone: 419-783-2503
Fax: 419-783-2501

Richanne C. Mankey, Ed.D.

Phone: 419-783-2300
Fax: 419-784-4101
Location: Defiance 106B

Press Box
Phone: 419-783-2582

Tim Pruett, CPA
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Phone: 419-783-2317
Location: Defiance 213D

Public Relations
Phone: 419-783-2590
Fax: 419-784-0426
Location: Serrick 228



Terry Ranes
Athletic Facilities Manager
Phone: 419-783-2492
Location: Weaner Center 137

Registrar's Office
Phone: 419-783-2375
Fax: 419-783-2579
Location: Serrick 204

Residence Life
Phone: 419-783-2563
Location: Hubbard 126

Scott Rhodes
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Location: Physical Plant

Timothy Rickabaugh, Ph.D.
Professor of Exercise Science
Phone: 419-783-2584
Location: Dana 1



Tess Salisbury, MSW, LISW-S
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Director of Social Work
Phone: 419-783-2556
Location: Schauffler 205

Chris Sanders
Director of eSports and Head Coach
Phone: 419-783-2389
Location: Pilgrim Library 105

Joey Scott
Sports Information Director
Phone: 419-783-2566
Location: Weaner Center 133A

Phone: 419-783-2625
Location: Hubbard 109

Barbara Sedlock
Lead Librarian & Coordinator of Metadata & Archives
Phone: 419-783-2487
Location: Pilgrim Library 116

Service Learning
Phone: 419-783-2374

Jim Sliwinski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419-783-2403
Location: Schauffler 209

Grant Soffer
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2343
Location: McMaster Center 130

Steven Sondergaard, JD
Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 419-783-2443
Location: Schauffler 204

Mollie Sorrell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2494
Location: Rowe 205


Angela Sosebee
Director of the Service Leadership Program
Phone: 419-783-2552
Location: Library 129

Sports Information
Phone: 419-783-2566

Phillip Stelzer
Assistant Director of Physical Plant
Phone: 419-783-2504
Location: Physical Plant

Lacey Strickler, Ph.D.
Director of the STEM Academic Support Center
Phone: 419-783-2495
Location: Pilgrim Library 202

David Stuckey, M.A.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 419-783-2464
Offices: Tenzer 203D

Student Activities
Phone: 419-783-2388
Location: Hubbard 109

Student Life
Phone: 419-783-2437
Fax: 419-783-2597
Location: Hubbard 130

Student Senate
Phone: 419-783-2421

Swarm Shop
DC Apparel & Gift Store
Phone: 419-783-2576
Location: Hubbard 140


Steve Swinson
Head Wrestling Coach
Phone: 419-783-2409
Location: McMaster 105D




Jeremy Taylor, Ph.D.
Dean of the Institute for Career Readiness and McMaster School; Professor of History
Phone: 419-783-2305
Location: Pilgrim Library 201

Kevin Tong, M.S.Ed., ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: 419-783-2340
Location: Weaner Center 142BC

John Trautman
Senior Institutional Advancement Advisor
Location: Defiance 216

Board of Trustees

Linda Tucker Serniak, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2593
Location: Rowe 111



Nick Umbdenstock
Head Volleyball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2489
Location: Weaner Center 136A


Ron Vorlicky
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Location: Physical Plant




Jennifer Walton
Assistant Dean of Students
and Director of Residence Life

Phone: 419-783-2563
Location: Hubbard 126

Megan Warren
Head Softball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2406
Location: McMaster Center 105H

Teresa Watkins
Administrative Assistant for Education & Business
Phone: 419-783-2323
Location: Defiance Hall 104

Monica Webb
Mail Services & Retail Store Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2329
Location: Hubbard 140

Ryan Imbrock
Phone: 419-783-2302
Location: Serrick 228D

Timothy Wedge, M.A., CFCE, MCSE, CISSP, A+
Associate Professor of Cyber-forensics

Phone: 419-783-2415
Location: Dana 7

Matt Wehrhahn
Assistant Football Coach
Phone: 419-783-2447
Location: Defiance Hall 38

Kathleen Westfall
Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator
Phone: 419-783-2345
Location: McMaster Center 105A

Sharon Wiemken
Director of Academic Technology & Online Learning
Phone: 419-783-2490
Location: Defiance 011

Bridgette Winslow
Dean of the Institute for Pre-Health & Wellness Studies
Phone: 419-783-2395
Location: Serrick 206

Women's Commission Gallery
Location: Dana Hall

Derek Woodley
Athletic Director
Head Baseball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2341
Location: McMaster Center 105J



Alesia Yakos-Brown, MSW, LISW
Associate Professor of Social Work
Phone: 419-783-2425
Location: Schauffler 207