Large group of students gathered for orientation, smiling at the camera


Defiance College's new student orientation program is designed to help you transition to life as a Yellow Jacket. You will receive information about campus life and support services, plan your class schedule, and receive your official DC student ID card!


Request an individual visit with the Office of Admissions at 419-783-2359 or

Send Before Orientation:

  • College Transcripts: If you completed College Credit Plus (CCP) classes and received college credit, you MUST send us your official college transcripts in order to receive credit prior to registering for your first classes.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credits: If you took AP courses with the exam, you must submit official AP scores to receive credit.

Bring Day of Orientation or Express Registration:

  • One form of Photo ID is needed.
  • One of the following: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport if you qualify for Federal Work Study

Required to be Completed Before Orientation:

  1. Housing Application Survey (residential students only)
  2. Student Engagement Survey (for first-year students only)
  3. Emergency Information Form (for all students)
  4. Health History Survey (for all students)


During new student orientation, assessments in writing and mathematics will be administered to assist in advising and registration. 

The writing assessment begins with reading a very brief overview of an excerpt (less than 500 words) from a nonfiction book, which is of the reading level encountered in beginning college courses. After reading the brief passage, you will write an essay responding to a question/writing prompt. The written response should have a clear focus and include strong reasoning as well as relevant support from the excerpt provided. You will have 45 minutes to complete the reading and writing for this assessment.

The math assessment, which will evaluate your numerical skills, is timed and will take 30 minutes. The math assessment is comprised mostly of multiple-choice as well as a few free-response questions. For multiple-choice, you can work out your questions on a spare sheet of paper, as you will not be allowed to use a calculator.

If you need special accommodations for placement testing, please notify the Office of Admissions at least one week prior to your scheduled orientation date.

Use the online resources below to help review skills for orientation assessments:



Remember that it is not possible for you to "fail" an assessment test. The College is only measuring the areas that you can already demonstrate mastery in and the areas you need to strengthen. This information will help to determine the best possible recommendations for which classes you should take and serves as an important tool for reaching your academic and professional goals.