The McMaster Journal

Spring 2006, vol.1


Journal Cover 2006To improve the human condition worldwide: The McMaster School at Defiance College 
Gerald E. Wood, President, Defiance College

DC Symposium was inspiring and informative 
Jack Palmer, Columnist, Defiance Crescent-News

Extreme Engagement
Catharine O’Connell, Vice President for Academic Affairs 
and Academic Dean, Defiance College

McMaster in Cambodia: Education and cultural Awareness
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Kenneth Christiansen, Jeffrey Weaner, 
Dennis Andrejko, Stefan Faerber, Mathew Hahn, Lorraine Smith, Abby Sumpter, Terry (T.J.) Studer

The WATER Project
(Water Analysis: Targeting Engagement through Research)
Spiro Mavroidis, Eric Schurter, Sarah Johnson, Brian Putman, Stacy Sattler 

School Reform and Related Service/Research Projects in Guatemala
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Diane Kaiser, Jeremy Ball, Stefan Faerber, Regina Keller, Camryn Lehrman, Joy Stoller

Educational and Social Services in Jamaica
Donald Knueve, Wayne (Buck) Buchanan, Jeremy A. Ball, Megan Frazier, Rebecca L. Sanford

Exploring the Irish model and its application to the expanded European Union
Michael J. Gallagher, Rachel Niese, Shannon Liechty