The McMaster Journal

Spring 2007, vol.2


Journal Cover 2007Intentional Education for Responsible Global Citizenship
Catharine O'Connell, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, Defiance College

The Importance of Higher Education to the Future of Democracy
Gerald E. Wood, President, Defiance College

Why Art? Projects in Chile and the Palestinian Territories
Steven Smith

Peace and Pedagogy in Israel and the Palestinian Territories
Don Knueve, L. Michael Spath

How Many Children Does it Take to Raise a Village? Celebrating Youth as a Resource in Guatemalan Communities
Matthew Morton

Literacy and Library Development in Guatemala
Diane L. Kaiser, Kevin L. Smith, Brooke Lancey, Erby Lopez, Aleisha Wiemken

Promoting Educational, Social, Economic, and Cultural Development in Cambodia
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Jeffrey Weaner, Doborah Dalke, Mary Catherine Harper, Tim Rickabaugh, Megan Ashbacher, Renee Chaffee, Nathan Fitton, Allison Fitzenrider, Eleizabeth Grafing, Mathew Hahn, Gary Mattingly, Devon Palk, Sarah Shuff, Jennifer Slow, Renee Steffen, Camile Tucker

Bonner Leaders: International Perspective through Projects in Cambodia and Jamaica
Donald Buerk, Kathryn Litle

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand
Thomas A. Case, Robin Kratzer, Chutima Case, Brittany Cooley, Jessica Hull, Angela Knapp, Renee Tipton

Environmental Sustainability in Belize
Mary Ann Studer, Matthew Schultz, Eric Dix, Jenna Kurtz, Diane Perkins, Jordan Plant, William Fix