The McMaster Journal

Spring 2009, vol.4


Journal Cover 2009Introduction

The Transforming Power of Partnerships
Laurie Worrall, Ed.D.,
Associate Vice President and Dean, McMaster School

Advancing Humanity in Belize

Mary Ann Studer, Robin Kratzer, Steve Smith, Robin Diers, Pamela Gibson, Matthew King, Valerie Munson, Michael Rostocil, Kyle Shong, Alyssa Shuherk, Kaitlin Studer

Context for McMaster's Belize Initiative
Mary Ann Studer, M.S., McMaster Fellow

From Subsistence Agriculture to Solar Power: Helping Belize Address a Legacy of Colonialism Through Research
Mary Ann Studer, M.S., McMaster Fellow

Soil Testing in Belize: Making a Case for Shade-Grown Products
Robin Diers, McMaster Scholar

Drinking Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Quality in Belize
Michael Rostocil, McMaster Scholar

Establishing a Baseline: Testing pH Levels in Belize's Water Supply
Matthew King, McMaster Scholar

Tracking Down Internal Parasites Externally: Water Testing in Belize
Pamela Gibson, McMaster Scholar

From Leaving Leaving Wild to Estimating Biodiversity: Two Approaches to Helping Belize's Rainforests
Kaitlin Studer, McMaster Scholar

More Than Books and Shelves: Fostering a Literacy-Rich Environment in Belize
Alyssa Shuherk, McMaster Scholar

Preserving Traditions, Protecting the Future: Medicinal Plants in Belize
Kyle Shong, McMaster Scholar

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia - - A "Magic Tree?"
Cambodia Learning Community
J. Richard Caldwell, Jr., J.D., Friend of McMaster School

Advancing Humanity in Cambodia

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Jeffrey Weaner, Donald Buerk, Nathan Griggs, Lori Robison, Craig Burke, Jennifer Creighton, Kirsten Harmon, Kelsey Huff, Britney Huffman, Corynne Long, Sarah Plas, Andrew Pratt, Candice Schmitt, Nicholas Weber, Lindsay Whitman, Nancy Preis, Krystal Miller, Rex Robison, J. Richard Caldwell Jr.

Reflecting on Five Years of Partnership
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

Rebuilding the Education System in Cambodia One Teacher Training at a Time
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

The Importance of Leadership and Group Facilitation in Learning Communities
Lori J. Robison, LISW, ACSW, McMaster Associate Fellow

The Ecological and Demographic Factors Influencing Re-Integration Victims of Domestic Violence in Phnom Penh
Jeffrey Weaner, MSW, McMaster Fellow

Reducing Incidents of Tuberculosis in Cambodia: A First Step
Kelsey Huff, McMaster Scholar

Making a Difference: Medical Education and Supply Distribution in Cambodia
Craig Burke, McMaster Scholar

Empowering Cambodian Women With Information: Teaching Natural Birth Control Methods
Jennifer Creighton, McMaster Scholar

Teaching Hands-on Algebra
Corynne Long, McMaster Scholar

Humans For Sale
Britney Huffman, McMaster Scholar

Using Money to Good Ends: Microfinance in Cambodia
Sarah Plas, McMaster Scholar

A Day in the Life of a Cambodian Educator
Lindsay Whitman, McMaster Scholar

Urban/Rural Disparity and Hut Building
Candice Schmitt, McMaster Scholar

Teaching English in Cambodia
Andrew Pratt, McMaster Scholar

A Step Toward Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in Cambodia
Kirsten Harmon, McMaster Scholar

Intentional International Service Learning Develops Effective Global Citizens
Kathryn Litle, Coordinator, McMaster Service Leadership Programs

Advancing Humanity in New Orleans

Kenneth Christiansen, Michelle Tabit, Mary Catherine Harper, Deborah Dalke, Jamie Anderson, Brenda Delarber, Kristi Jo Leaders, Kalina Moore, Kacee Mossney, Eric Stricklin, Kaitlin Tinker, Jamie Wilmot, Lisa Crummit-Hancock, Patty Vandermark, Laurie Worrall

From Our Learning Community Studies and Beyond: The Context of the McMaster New Orleans Projects
Kenneth Christiansen, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow
Mary Catherine Harper, Ph.D., McMaster Associate Fellow

Should New Orleans Be Fixed? Responses to Katrina Recovery by Persons Outside of New Orleans
Kenneth Christiansen, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

Three Historians Explore Service Learning: The Amistad Research Center Case Study
Michelle Tabit, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow
Brenda Delarber, McMaster Scholar
Lisa Crumit-Hancock, M.S., Friend of McMaster School

"De Land is Sinking": The Disappearance of the Louisiana Wetlands
Deborah Dalke, Ph.D., McMaster Associate Fellow

Choosing to Go Home
Kaitlin Tinker, McMaster Scholar
Jamie Wilmot, McMaster Scholar

Technology as a Form of Empowerment: New Orleans' Missing Resources
Kristi Jo Leaders, McMaster Scholar