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Defiance College Service Leadership Program


Defiance College’s Service Leadership Program is for students, freshmen through seniors. Service Leaders complete a minimum of 150 hours of service during each calendar year, engaging in service opportunities such as managing tutoring programs, building and/or repairing low-income housing, or serving meals to the homeless or elderly.

All Service Leaders, as part of the Program, will have an opportunity to gain experience in planning, organizing and implementing an in-depth service learning project or fulfill a significant leadership role as a Service Leader. The Service Leaders interact during bi-weekly class meetings and have multiple opportunities to complete personal development, professional development, and leadership workshops. As a result, students will gain a better understanding of the world around them and their place in it as an active global citizen.

This award is designated for students to develop leadership and communication skills, explore the concept of conflict transformation, and improve their cultural awareness. Students will have the opportunity to apply their academic and personal expertise to a real-world issue through a service-learning project. Each year up to 50 incoming students with an interest in service and/or leadership are awarded this scholarship to continue their commitment to civic engagement while at DC.

In order to receive the financial scholarship as a Service Leader, high school seniors must submit short answer service essays and be accepted to DC.

Application Criteria:

Service Leadership Award Online Application - or PDF Application Form













Jordan Heiliger
Coordinator of McMaster Service and Leadership Program