UCC Affiliation

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Proud of its heritage, DC freely maintains its covenantal status as a United Church of Christ-related college, independent of church control.

The United Church of Christ supports colleges as part of its mission to and service for society, with the goal of nurturing men and women toward wholeness in competence and conscience. 

The theology of the United Church of Christ, affirmed by Defiance College, includes:

  • a belief in the God-given dignity and worth of each person and a deep concern for the development of whole persons;
  • a recognition of the importance of interpersonal relationships and the fostering of growth in a caring community;
  • a strong advocacy for open intellectual inquiry and academic freedom;
  • a trust that the truths one discovers in the diverse fields of inquiry are ultimately interrelated;
  • a positive ecumenical outlook moving beyond tolerance and acceptance to understanding and appreciation of both religious and cultural diversity;
  • a recognition of the privilege and responsibility of stewardship, utilization of and respect for the resources of the natural world, individuals and institutions;
  • service to others as an expression of faith and a way for life enrichment and fulfillment;
  • the encouragement of critical ethical value formation consistent with one’s faith; and
  • a holistic view of life which attaches significance and worth to all honorable walks of life and human endeavors.

Defiance College seeks to fulfill its mission inside and outside the classroom in ways which integrate the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of human life.