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Business Administration Major

Additional Information



The mission of the Defiance College Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in the Business Administration Division is to expand each student's knowledge from the business disciplines (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, quantitative, communication, strategy, etc) and the liberal arts through education, scholarship, and service.

The Mission will be accomplished by tracking graduation rates in the division and through coursework and service opportunities. Service and Leadership are part of curricular and co-curricular activities that are either optional or required i.e., athletics, McMaster School, Habitat for Humanity, Christian organizations, BASA, etc.



Program Goals

  1. Understand the role of the business professional within the organizational setting.
  2. Develop an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures within organizations.
  3. Develop leadership skills and abilities within an ethical framework that will advance the business profession.
  4. Utilize critical thinking skills to assess, analyze, and implement positive change within the business profession and organizations.
  5. Develop purposeful communication skills and integrate verbal, nonverbal, and electronic methodologies when interacting with others.
  6. Contribute to the organization by becoming a pathfinder through discovery, analysis, and evaluation of business information.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze and problem-solve within the system of business and broader realm synthesizing knowledge from the liberal arts and business curriculum.
  2. Understand business writing and research (APA) from scholarly journals and use the information in practice as it pertains to the major.
  3. Apply principles of learning to become a self-directed learner as a business professional.
  4. Understand and practice as an ethical business professional with respect to differences in culture, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, etc. in personal and professional situations.
  5. Integrate technology into learning environment.
  6. Demonstrate and understand the principles of effective communications and be sensitive to the needs of others in organizational settings.
  7. Practice professionalism and apply leadership principles, acting autonomously and in serving others.
  8. Be prepared to assess and implement changes in organizations while acting as a professional business person.
  9. Engage in service learning in at least a community setting with opportunities for national and international service.
  10. Become a pathfinder and grow beyond boundaries to discover, analyze, and evaluate business situations.


All majors in business take the Major Field Achievement Test. The test is taken in the Business Policy course, which serves as the capstone requirement for all business majors. Student scores are above the 50th percentile.