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Sport Management

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Dream of a career in professional sport? How about sitting in the clubhouse of a minor league baseball game or dealing with the daily operations of a college football team? Students who dream about careers in professional sport find that Defiance College is the place to make it happen.

Sport management lets students participate in the exciting world of sports from a business standpoint. In this major, students learn about various sports, the psychological principles at work behind them, and how sports fit into society. They also gain a strong knowledge foundation in business, examining how the worlds of business and sports interact and how they can make those interactions more profitable and beneficial for every person and interest involved. At Defiance College, sport management professors who love sport and understand business work closely with students through volunteer opportunities, field experiences, and internships.

The sport management major is designed for careers in recreation leadership, retail sporting goods, professional team administration, sport law, sport psychology, resort management, and golf course or country club management. It is also appropriate for such careers as a sports consultant to businesses, churches, and camps. For those interested in employment as a sports information director or sports journalist, this major allows students to focus on the written media as a specialty.

Dream of a career in professional sport? Defiance College can help turn that dream into a career.

Sport Management Program Goals

The program is designed to prepare students to either obtain an entry-level position upon graduation or to continue studies in graduate school.

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A specifically selected internship will be required with a presentation to department faculty at the completion of the internship. Some of the internship placements include:

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After College — What's Next?

The Sport Management program prepares students to continue their studies in graduate school or to obtain entry-level positions in the work place. A number of our graduates are working on advanced degrees. Other graduates are actively involved in the management of sporting good stores, program directors for the YWCA and YMCA, activity coordinator for health/fitness center, golf course management, summer camp coordinator, sports information director for a college or university, sports information and public relations director for professional sport teams, and sports ticket manager.



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The Faculty

Isabell Rhenwrick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sport Management
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