Summer Classes FAQ

FAQs - Summer Programs


How do I complete the registration process?

1. You must submit a signed billing statement prior to attending class regardless of whether you have a zero balance, credit balance, or have loans in process. Billing statements are available on student-accessed myDC Portal.

2. Student bills are due and payable in full to the Business Office prior to the registration deadline. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, or Visa via online through your myDC Portal, phone, mailed, or faxed). All required financial aid paperwork must be complete and submitted.



When is the last day to withdraw from a class with a "W"?

A student who withdraws from a 12-week course (All Summer Session) after the first week but before the end of the seventh week will automatically receive a grade of "W". The deadline for a six-week course (Summer A or Summer B courses) is the end of the fourth week of the session. After these deadlines, the grade will be a "WF" unless the instructor views the circumstances as extenuating and gives permission for the grade to be a "W". Final determination of whether a grade will be a "W" or "WF" will be made by the Registrar and Chief Academic Officer. Specific withdrawal dates for summer session are as follows:

Summer Session S: All Summer (Alternate Week Courses)
Courses from May 11 – July 31
The last day to receive an automatic "W" for a course is Wednesday, July 1st.

Summer Session A:
Courses from May 11 - June 19
The last day to receive an automatic "W" for a course is Friday, June 5th.

Summer Session B:
Courses from June 22 - July 31
The last day to receive an automatic "W" for a course is Friday, July 17th.

After the Drop/Add date students will receive a "W" grade for classes they choose to withdraw from. "W" grades do not negatively affect semester or cumulative GPA.

Should you withdraw from any class, it is your responsibility to do so officially, whether or not you have ever attended that class. If you do not withdraw, you may be charged for the course.

For information on withdrawing from a class contact the Registrar's Office.

For full policies governing Defiance College summer school please refer to our online academic catalog.



What is the withdrawal and refund policy?

A student who registers for a course and then wishes to withdraw from the course must contact the Registrar's Office at 419-783-2551 to complete the appropriate "drop" from. The College's refund policy is based on notification of withdrawal. Students withdrawing prior to the drop/add deadline will receive a 100% credit of tuition (fees are nonrefundable). Tuition credit for those students withdrawing after the drop/add deadline will be calculated according to the Defiance College Refund Policy found in the academic catalog. After the 4th week of classes, no tuition credit is given. Students enrolled in classes that begin after the four week refund period will not be eligible for a refund unless the Registrar's Office determines that the student is a pre-term drop, meaning they never attended the course. Changes in enrollment may affect aid eligibility. You must contact the Financial Aid Office immediately at 419-783-2376 or regarding your enrollment changes.



Where can I find the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 course schedule?

 The current course schedules are available here.