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Ministry Studies

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Ever been touched by a leader with a servant’s heart?

Somebody who saw the church as an instrument for making the world a better place, and who understood that she was a part of that?

Ever had a youth group leader change life for the better?

Somebody who did more than just talk, who listened and prayed, organized food drives and bowl-a-thons, slid head-first through bananas, ice cream, and chocolate syrup just to show how the game was to be played?

Ever wanted to be that kind of person?

At Defiance College, ministry studies majors work closely with faculty in an environment of open inquiry, dialogue, and sharing. Students merge theory and practice as they engage in experiential learning and research that equips them to work with adults, families, youth, and children in a variety of educational and faith formation ministries.

Becoming a leader with a servant’s heart begins here. Follow the call.



Majoring in Ministry Studies

The Ministry Studies major focuses on professional preparation for work in local church or church-related settings. The major balances current theory and best practices with scholarship and application. In addition to the Core Requirements, students in the Ministry Studies major are prepared to work in a variety of local church or church-related positions and with various age levels and ministries or to enter seminary in preparation for ordained ministry. Student internships take place in local Defiance area settings where students work with ministers and lay leaders to develop and nurture varied and challenging ministries. The major in Ministry Studies totals 56 hours, including the Core Requirements, 12 hours of Fieldwork/Internships, and one 30 hour Concentration.

Certificate in Conflict Transformation and Management
The Certificate in Conflict Transformation can be added to any major and is specifically applicable to Business, Nursing, Education, Ministry Studies, and Social Work. The 12 credit hours include:

RL 201 Approaches to Religion
RL 310 Mediation and Conciliation
SO 265 Cultural Diversity
IS 300 Conflict Resolution

For further information, consult with your advisor and/or a member of the Religion and Ministry Studies faculty.

Minor in Ministry Studies
The minor works well in tandem with a variety of majors. Recent graduates and current students have added Ministry Studies minors to majors in art education, social work, communication arts, and religious studies.


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Related Programs

Both the Religion and Ministry Studies programs offer students the opportunity to explore their vocation and calling as faith community leaders, religious educators, and practitioners though two programs of study with a variety of concentrations: Religious Studies, Religion and Peace Studies, Religion and Service, Church Leadership, Faith Formation & Christian Educational Ministries, Youth & Family Ministries, and Youth and Recreation Ministries.

Religious Studies seeks to understand historic and contemporary religious ideas, values, and practices within Christianity and other religious traditions encountered locally and globally. Religious Studies also seeks to understand the role of religion in the shaping of the moral, political, and cultural practices of society.



The Faculty

Marian R. Plant, Ed.D., Professor of Religious and Ministry Studies, Schauffler Chair of Christian Education
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Janice L. Bechtel, M.Div., Campus Chaplain
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