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What Students are Saying

“I had no intention of picking up a Religious Studies minor until I took a course and met the staff. They made me want to come to class every day and learn more, and that is a rare thing for me.”

Jestin Davis
Wellness and Corporate Fitness Major and minoring in Religious Studies


“After finishing my freshman year at Defiance College, I’ve come to realize that DC is a perfect fit for me. The Communication Studies program offers many opportunities that can fulfill any student’s academic goals. I am excited to finish the next few years at Defiance and see where my degree takes me.”

Caci Craig
Communication Studies Major



About the Division

The Division of Arts and Humanities seeks to inspire within our students a search for truth, a sensitivity to our world and the diverse cultures within it, the ability to lead in their chosen professions, and a spirit of service. Together with students, we want to know, to understand, to lead, and to serve within the framework of the Arts and Humanities disciplines.

We provide educational opportunities that involve meaningful learning in and out of the classroom, as well as engaging co-curricular events and projects. Faculty, staff, and students attend performances of the Schomburg Series, participate in the yearly Arts on the Quad arts festival, and create art during the weekly community Art Night, to name a few of the opportunities that surround the Arts and Humanities Division.

In addition, the division supports the Women's Commission Art Gallery, which brings visual arts to the campus and community, and Progeny, the Defiance College literary and photography magazine.