Education Accreditation
Defiance College's Teacher Education Program has received accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. All teacher licensure programs have been nationally recognized (approved) by either the appropriate professional organization or the Ohio Department of Higher Education in Early Childhood; Middle Childhood, Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies; Adolescent to Young Adult in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Social Studies, Life Sciences, and Life Sciences and Chemistry; and Multi-age in Health and Physical Education and Intervention Specialist: Mild-to-Moderate.           

More Information on the performance of our program completers can be found here.

Ohio Education Licensure
Since the Ohio Department of Education periodically changes teacher licensure requirements, the College reserves the right to modify its programs and requirements to meet changing state standards. The professional courses and the teaching fields outlined will meet the current state standards for teacher licensure in Ohio. Students interested in teaching in another state are advised to contact that state's department of education to determine if the Ohio teaching license will transfer to a comparable license in that state.