Early Childhood Education Program - Major - Defiance College- Defiance, Ohio

Early Childhood Education

(age 3 through grade 3)

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Want to teach where it all begins?

Young children ask a bazillion questions, hold hands, work at sharing toys and taking turns. They learn to write their names and tie their shoes. They learn to read, to add and subtract.

Some struggle with zipping their coats but are miles ahead with language.
Some seem born to play soccer but can’t sit still at circle time.

Some operate easily within the educational system. Others are at risk for falling through the system’s cracks.

Each child is different, uniquely gifted and challenged.

At Defiance College, early childhood education majors see potential in the very youngest for growth and development, value quirks and differences, and desire for each child a way to live and learn in the world to the best of their abilities. They know that developing the skills of three-year-olds through third-graders requires problem solving and collaboration, listening and innovation.

Get ready to teach where it all begins.



A Rich Tradition

Defiance College has a rich teacher education heritage. For more than 100 years, the College has prepared and graduated teachers who not only teach, but become principals and superintendents as well. The success of Defiance College education graduates rests in part on the rapport established with area schools and the caring, personal attention given to each student by the experienced faculty. In addition to exceeding state minimum requirements, the program has many other strengths.

Holders of an Early Childhood License or Adolescent and Young Adult License can add a Middle Childhood License in one content area with the appropriate content and education course work. See the Head of Teacher education for details.

A license in Early Childhood Education is valid for teaching children who are typically developing, at risk, gifted and those with mild/moderate educational needs.




The Faculty


Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education, Director of Hench Autism Studies Program
419-783-2355 | cbarnes@defiance.edu

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., Professor of Education
419-783-2315 | jburkhardt@defiance.edu  | Profile

Fred Coulter, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
419-783-2416 | fcoulter@defiance.edu | Profile

Rachel Eicher, Assistant Professor of Practice of Early Childhood Education
419-783-2373 | reicher@defiance.edu

Katie Griffes, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
419-783-2419 | kgriffes@defiance.edu