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Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement

(Grades 4 through 6)

When added to their Middle Childhood Licensure, this endorsement enables middle childhood educators to obtain the ability to teach additional content areas in grades 4 - 6. This program is available as either an undergraduate program or a standalone post-baccalaureate program.

Candidates may select on or more of the following content areas in which to obtain the Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement.

Mathematics (9 hours)
- ED320 Principles of Middle Childhood Mathematics
- ED342 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School
- MA115 Principles of Geometry

Social Studies (9 hours)
- ED344 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle School
- GE232 World Geography
- HI345 The Ohio Area

Science (11 hours)
- ED343 Teaching Science in the Middle School
- NS200 Earth in the Cosmos
- NS201 Development of Life on Earth

Reading/Language Arts (10 hours)
- EN270 Advanced Composition
- ED341 Adolescent Literature
- ED345 Integrated Reading/Language Arts Methods: Middle School