close-up of student checking over another student's knee with professor standing beside to offer instruction

The exercise science (ESCI) major, along with its specialized concentration areas, prepares students for a variety of health, fitness, and sport-related professional settings and a variety of graduate school opportunities and directions.

ESCI concentration areas include:

  • Fitness, Strength, & Conditioning
  • Pre-Professional

Additionally, the required experiential learning opportunities (field experience and internship) supplement the exercise science courses with hands-on experiences and skills.


ERP NSCAEarning the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certification allows students to leave DC with an additional specialization with their degree. Students can use this certification to further studies at the graduate level, or in careers.


Anytime Fitness
Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers
Dave's Running Shop
Defiance Area YMCA
Defiance Clinic
LA Fitness
University of Minnesota

Connor Behringer
Outstanding Senior in Exercise Science: Connor Behringer


Kevin M. Tong, M.S.Ed., ATC
Timothy E. Rickabaugh, Ph.D.