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What Students are Saying

“I really like the small classes and the one-on-one interaction. It's a lot better than sitting in a class with 200 people. The professors take the time to really care about you as an individual. They grade your paper and then talk it over with you to make sure you're on the right track.”

Tyler Thomas
Integrated Math Major


“Restoration Ecology at Defiance is a unique program that offers many opportunities outside of the classroom that will put students above others in the future job field. Its location so close to Lake Erie, which is ideal for aquatic studies, and the College’s access to Thoreau Wildlife Sanctuary are what makes the experience so unique and beneficial. My experiences in the program have opened my eyes to many things and helped me realize what I am truly interested in and what I really enjoy.”

Phoenix Golnick
Restoration Ecology


About the Division

Welcome to the Natural Science, Applied Science and Math Division at Defiance College. Here in Natural Science the faculty work to foster a student centered educational experience. The small class sizes make it possible for us to get to know you personally. We maintain an open door policy. This encourages students to visit their professors whenever their office door is open which allows for individual assistance when you need it directly from your professors. The individual instruction you receive is tailored to your needs allowing you to succeed in an academically challenging environment. You are also encouraged to take advantage of peer and study groups composed of other science majors. As a science student, you have access to your own science lounge. This is a place where science students come to socialize and study in a low-key atmosphere.

LabAcademically, the science majors are rigorous, designed to prepare you for a professional career. Bi-weekly science seminars bring in speakers and alumni providing you the opportunity to meet professionals working in various science fields. Internships in scientific fields are available and all science majors engage in undergraduate research. The modern laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation. The number of students in lab is kept small, so that every student gets hands on experience conducting experiments on the equipment. Just some of the laboratory experiences that you can look forward to doing include: organic synthesis with a MARS Microware, genetics with fruit flies, advanced anatomy with a cadaver, and ecology studies at the Thoreau Sanctuary.