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Screen blanks. Music halts. System hums, revs.

Fingers stretch, flex, return to controls.

Mind re-aligns.

The game is not over.

The next level begins.

Welcome to mathematics at Defiance College where students take a basic high school understanding of mathematics to the next level. As students refine their understanding of the discipline, they make connections between everyday situations and mathematical problem solving, and compare techniques and ideas from multiple mathematical branches.

Just as every smart gamer has mentors, mathematics majors at Defiance College have theirs, working with seasoned mathematicians who love the game and have mastered the next level. Professors work closely both in and out of the classroom to challenge and guide their majors, making student-oriented study central to the program.

Beyond the basic thrill of studying mathematics, majors also use coursework and computer technology to benefit a local community agency. With their wide range of experience, students graduate prepared to assume positions in education, business, industry, government agency, or graduate school.

Ready for the next level?

Mind re-aligned?

Fingers on the controls?




Mathematics and Integrated Mathematics Majors

Mathematics and Integrated Mathematics majors both take a sequence of calculus courses as well as advanced courses in algebra and geometry. The Integrated Mathematics program needs particular additional coursework in preparation for teaching math while Mathematics requires Operations Research as an applied math course as well as a cognate course in physical science or economics.

Students in both majors develop an understanding of the nature of proof, communicating mathematical ideas in both written and oral form. They learn to look for patterns and make generalizations, analyze problems to choose the appropriate tool or technique, use problem solving skills in a variety of situations, and gain an appreciation for the historical development of mathematical perspective.

Mathematics majors at Defiance College have a unique opportunity to study in informal sessions working directly with your professor. Such student-oriented study quickly forms bonds that carry throughout your academic experience here at Defiance.

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After College — What’s Next?

While the majority of math majors at Defiance College go on to become teachers of mathematics, there are many opportunities in mathematics outside of the classroom.

Someone interested in mathematics may choose to get certification as a teacher or have a chance to major in related fields. Some math students anticipate a career in engineering or minor in economics. A person with a math degree has excellent opportunities for employment. With underlying skills of logic and reasoning, problem-solving, and attention to detail, the math major is ready for a diverse number of jobs in banking, insurance, health care, marketing, local, state and federal government, business and nonprofit organizations.


The Faculty

David Stuckey, M.A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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